Should Denial be a criminal offence?

  smokingbeagle 13:27 22 Dec 2011

Denial of the Holocaust and now the killing of armenians (and generally genocide) is a criminal offence in some countries.

Does it really help combat extremism and racism?

Would it not be better to allow free speech and let the deniers have the ridicule they deserve?

  Flak999 14:00 22 Dec 2011


Would it not be better to allow free speech and let the deniers have the ridicule they deserve?

Yes I think it would. There is ample evidence for the Systematic extermination of the Jews by the Nazi's and well documented evidence of the Armenian atrocity. You cannot legislate what people will think, but you can provide the proof to prove them wrong!

  spuds 16:21 22 Dec 2011

Why should denial be a criminal offence?.

You can provide all the evidence you want, it doesn't mean that it as to be accepted. There's even talk about man never reached the moon, yet there's been enough 'evidence' of that!.

Talking about Jewish extermination, not forgetting there was other people who were exterminated as well, perhaps brings up the subject that locals to the areas involved, still insist that they knew nothing about it. Do we insist that those persons are also criminals?.

  Forum Editor 19:45 22 Dec 2011

"Would it not be better to allow free speech and let the deniers have the ridicule they deserve?"

I can see why you might think that, but just reflect for a moment.....

Imagine that one way or another you had lost your mother, father, brother and sister, either because they had been killed in the gas chambers at Auschwitz, or because they had died on one of the Nazi concentration camps, and their bodies had been bulldozed into one of the many mass burial pits.

It's estimated that between 1933 and 1945 some 11 million people were killed in extermination and concentration camps by the Nazis, 1.1 million of those people were children.

Wouldn't you feel a sense of total outrage when you heard someone vehemently denying that such events ever took place, and wouldn't you want your government to do something to stop such people from tormenting you, and millions of others in this way?

  Condom 23:00 22 Dec 2011

Timing is a wondeful thing but getting it wrong or even right can cause many problems such as this. I think most people would agree that it is far too soon for the events of the Second World War to be discussed in historical terms like the Napolionic wars for instance. One day it will happen for sure but now is too soon as many are still alive to remember.

The attrocities of earlier wars (and let's be clear they have happened in all wars by all sides)can be discussed more openly without fear of this sort of outrage but not as yet World War II.

Not 100 yards from me is a Road named after Napolean and who would have thought that such a thing would have ever been allowed in England. Time the great healer!

  Quickbeam 07:24 23 Dec 2011

I think maybe Hitler Straße will never catch on, even with the softening effect of historical time.

I'm with Flak999, let them preach and be ridiculed. Anyone that has experienced first hand the un-deniable, cannot surely be so timid as to be too worried about people that argue that black is white, it keeps the debate alive which is what most of the survivors strive to do, to keep the un-deniable in the public eye.

  carver 11:39 23 Dec 2011

Personally I believe that any attempt to make denial a criminal offence just gives these people another weapon to use for their argument.

I can see it now, one of these idiots telling the media how the authority's are scared of them showing the holocaust or any genocide to be a lie and to stop them they will even throw them in jail.

Personally I would prefer it if they were put against a wall and shot, sorry shouldn't have said that and will retract it.

  daz60 22:30 23 Dec 2011

How many "Holocausts" before politicians and more importantly people stop arguing about definitions and start accepting and acting to prevent these acts.People should not be prosecuted for expressing their opinons,so totalitarian, have we not learned that from recent histories.

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