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Should the British public be allowed to decide it's own future?

  hssutton 16:30 10 Jan 2014

According to Lord mandleson the answer is no. Surely it then follows that the public should not be allowed to vote in a general election. Maybe we should save the expense of elections and scrap democracy.

Lord Mandelson said the public should not be given a vote on whether Britain stays in or leaves the EU because the outcome would be a “lottery”.

The former Labour Deputy Prime Minister said EU membership was too important to be placed “in the hands” of such an unpredictable body as the public.

  Quickbeam 17:04 10 Jan 2014


  Aitchbee 19:39 10 Jan 2014

The people of Scotland will have an opportunity 'to decide it's own future', later this year ... one way or another.

  morddwyd 19:46 10 Jan 2014

Funny how many politicians think that it's good for the UK to leave the EU, but not for Scotland to leave the UK!

Still, whoever expected politicians to be consistent?

  bremner 22:02 10 Jan 2014

I listened to the interview on Today and as the BBC now report he said ""Because I think membership of the EU is absolutely fundamental to British interests and therefore we should be very wary of putting our membership in the hands of a lottery in which we have no idea what factors, completely unrelated to Europe, will affect the outcome of that lottery."

A very arogant reply that shows fundemantally what politicians think of those they represent.

  bumpkin 22:14 10 Jan 2014

"Should the British public be allowed to decide it's own future?"

Yes or do we leave it to somebody equally useless.

  Quickbeam 08:33 11 Jan 2014

We manage the UK parliamentary lottery every few years with reasonable competence/incompetence, so we should also be entrusted with the European membership lottery under the same terms.

We are clearly polarised into for and againsts on Europe, so any of these comments from the political Europhile elite, are basically only the opinion of one faction. As time goes on, there are more and more people that once wouldn't countenance leaving Europe are showing a willing to consider leaving if the status quo within Europe is the only staying in option.

So in answer to the original question "Should the British public be allowed to decide it's own future?", yes, us plebs demand the right to risk an all or nothing referendum. If that shocks the Europhiles, then they should have listened to the dissatisfied rumblings that have been echoing around for the last few decades and taken some action in our interests instead of just telling us that they know better for us all the time.

  kpatz 10:36 11 Jan 2014

I would like to see any member of the House of Lords who has any vested interest in Europe or sits on any European committee, or who takes any salary from being an MEP or any other companies in Europe, being vetoed from voting in whether the British public get to vote on European membership, Then we might see how many only want to stay in Europe for the money they earn from it. The right to vote yes or no to Europe has been promised for years. We are intelligent enough to vote in elections so why not Europe? If the Lords block this then I think the time has come for a democratically elected other house. As obviously they can't be trusted to treat the British people with respect.

  bremner 10:39 11 Jan 2014

Mandelson made it very clear that he did not believe there should be a referendum and he believed that Ed Milliband should not make a similar offer on behalf of Labour.

His tone, as I heard it, was that it was such an important decision that it could and should not be a decision put to a referendum as the electorate would not make their judgement based on the facts of the matter but on external considerations, something I totally disagree with. The EU now is in no way the EEC that was voted for in 1975?, it is an organisation with many at the top pushing towards a Federal State of Europe.

Having said that I totally agree that bringing this legislation before parliament now is nothing more than electioneering. It should be a manifesto commitment by the Tories, no more.

  johndrew 10:54 11 Jan 2014

The only statement that made sense to me was where one member of the Lords admitted that politicians had made an utter mess so far. Probably because so many are so far removed from the real world they have little idea of what is actually happening on the streets.

There also appear to be some that have vested interests in a specific form of membership which suits their requirements. Perhaps Mandelson is one of these.

  Quickbeam 11:56 11 Jan 2014

" why not trust them with this?"

Are you suggesting that we fully trust them with the tedious day-to-day parliamentary expenses claims etc...?

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