Should be interesting if he wins this case...

  interzone55 17:21 23 Oct 2009

Man sues Bank of America for bad customer service, he wants $1,784,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, which is more money than there is in the world...

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  al's left peg 17:43 23 Oct 2009

I would not mind being his best mate if he wins his case!!!

  oresome 17:59 23 Oct 2009

"which is more money than there is in the world"

Not after quantitative easing it's not!

  Quickbeam 18:06 23 Oct 2009

Maybe he hopes the bank will offer him 1% of that to not to go to court. Then he could look quite magnanimous in accepting their offer and keep face...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:08 23 Oct 2009

Court costs will take a big chunk out of that


  Quickbeam 18:17 23 Oct 2009

Out of interest, I put it into excel to see what 1% was (the calculator can't do that many zeros).

It's still a 'big' figure way beyond my comprehension, so I started to add some zeros to the 1% to see when I got to a figure I could comprehend. 0.00000000000001% gave me £17,840,000. I'd settle for that... he's just being greedy if you ask me!

  Quickbeam 18:26 23 Oct 2009

...and if you put 21 zeros into the % fraction, you get 18 pence, which is probably the true value of his incredulous claim...

  spuds 19:29 23 Oct 2009

Must have a good lawyer ;o)

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