should this bank be wound up

  sunnystaines 13:28 07 Feb 2010

despite another high loss 7bn in 2009 it is still going ahead with large bonus to staff

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  rawprawn 13:43 07 Feb 2010

My son in law was employed by RBOS as an IT consultant to try and put risk strategies in place after the crash.
He said that the management attitude remained unchanged, as though nothing had been wrong. He was glad to get out when he completed his contract.
My answer sunny is a resounding Yes. When I was in business if I had got into financial difficulties nobody would have bailed me out.I understand the difficulties in letting banks go under, but I have no sympathy for the management who created the problem.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:03 07 Feb 2010

As I am part of a group who own 84% of RBS, I am looking forward to my bonus.


  sunnystaines 14:07 07 Feb 2010

they should be told that tax payers funding their loss is bad, but to fund the bonus is well out of order till they have repaid the debts.

the bank should be closed down its just a cash cow bleeding tax payers money.

  johndrew 14:08 07 Feb 2010

A bit like Northern Rock. The location makes the political will to permit "nature" to take its course very difficult for those in Government.

I believe that if the banks had been told to clean up their own mess then the continuation of poor practice such as this would have been discontinued very quickly.

But then they are only reflecting the state of expenses in Parliament and the attitudes of those being brought to book.

  sunnystaines 14:19 07 Feb 2010

failed banks should close, there are new banks rising to replace them, both virgin and tesco are looking to set up proper banking.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:50 07 Feb 2010

Strange how when we rescued the bank we also rescued it's investment arm yet when the bonuses are announced the investment arm suddenly becomes a separate entity. Strange world we live in.


  ky72 14:52 07 Feb 2010

GANDALF <|:-)> i respect & totaly agree with you if i had of been in the same situation as you.BUT we cant let these fools go on like this! looks like there getting back to normal & spending as usual! there is sooo many people out of work & not been able to sleep at night due to having mortgages & loans etc! & yet these bankers are living it up.? WHY should they!

  oresome 17:11 07 Feb 2010

"As I am part of a group who own 84% of RBS, I am looking forward to my bonus."

There is the possibility that when the Government sells it's majority stake in the company it will make a healthy return for the taxpayer so you may not be disappointed.

  spuds 17:37 07 Feb 2010

When the government have sold anything off, it as always been at a loss, and to someone else's gain.Think gold and all those once owned government (public) companies that ended up, or have ended up in foreign hands.

Some of these companies even had massive grants thrown at them, so that the business could continue, even for a short time.

When the 'crunch' came, all the governments world-wide should have placed very strict remits to those taking charge. But how can you do that, when one day you might want a directorship or consultancy when you political career is at an end!.

Even Darling is on record that on the evening before 'hell let loose', the banks were still 'demanding' that the government succumbed to all the bank's terms and conditions. The bank's managements were still under the opinion that everything was fine, and they held the winning hand. Looking at what is happening, I would perhaps say that they were correct. Even in new management!.

I predicted at the time, that a 'nothing would change' attitude would still be in banking and finance circles, and I have yet to be proved wrong.

  oresome 17:46 07 Feb 2010

"Nothing would change.."

Have you tried to get a 90% mortgage recently, never mind the 110% ones the Rock offered?

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