Should Ant Time Be At a Premium?

  oresome 15:19 16 Oct 2015

Junior doctors are in dispute because of a move by the Government to change the pay rate for working outside what was once considered by many workers to be the normal 9 to 5 Monday to Friday routine.

Many people besides medical staff have always worked outside these hours of course and probably most receive a premium for doing so.

But in this increasingly 24 hour world should any hours on any day of the week just be considered a normal part of the working week and attract no premium to the rate paid for the job?

Antisocial hours impact not only on the worker, but on their family and perhaps there is a case for rewarding this added stress and inconvenience.

What do you think?

  oresome 15:21 16 Oct 2015

The title should read 'Should any time be at a premium' if it wasn't for my fat fingers.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:44 16 Oct 2015

A lot of companies already consider nights and weekends as part of the working week. Many of the companies I do business with, expect their employees to work a rostered shift program to include these times with an emphasis on weekend and night hours because that's when the works at its highest.

They also want to change the rosters regularly, obviously to suit the workload and not for the workers convenience. Then wonder why there is a large turnover of staff.

  wee eddie 15:48 16 Oct 2015

Monday to Friday ~ 9 to 5 is for the prols.

Ask any successful entrepreneur, of the definition of a working day, and they will tell you that it is whenever there is work to be done

  john bunyan 16:04 16 Oct 2015

Many places with a high capital cost work 24 hours , and the shift patterns usually reflect that in their rates of pay. Hospitals have a lot of very expensive kit , such as PET, CT and MRI scanners, and I think that medics, when entering the profession , must expect to cover a 24 hour hospital, and the pay should reflect it. I have noticed that GP's, whose average pay is over £100,000 pa seem very unwilling to do home visits after hours, as they used to.

  bumpkin 17:17 16 Oct 2015

The title should read 'Should any time be at a premium' if it wasn't for my fat fingers.

Glad you clarified that I was expecting some nature video of driver ants on the march:-))

  Ungus 17:27 16 Oct 2015

This is a decision that mainly effects England as the Scottish government do not have any plans to change doctors contracts. For me if you are having to work hours outside 8 to 5 you should be played accordingly. The problem a Lot of the time with people nowadays is the run to the doctor or A&E with some really minor issues that could wait.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:27 16 Oct 2015

No but I did think of one of these

  wee eddie 21:03 20 Oct 2015

Yeah, it was meant to be. I see many too many people saying "Oh I can't do that. I work Monday to Friday, 9 to 5".

  bumpkin 21:31 20 Oct 2015

8 till 4 Mon to Fri when I was working, after 4 1.5xbasic, after 6 2xbasic up till 10. If you dont like it get someone else.

  lotvic 22:29 20 Oct 2015

Holiday trade and Catering have never worked a '9 to 5', I don't know of any in those jobs that get extra for the unsociable hours.

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