Shopping Price Ready Reckoner

  Pine Man 08:30 01 Jan 2008

At the moment Boots have reduced all of their Xmas stock by 50%. It's called a half price sale and to help all the customers they have put up notices explaining how to convert the old price to the new price eg £1 becomes 50P and £2 becomes £1 etc.

Are our schools that bad now?

  Stuartli 10:19 01 Jan 2008

It's for the benefit of the WAGs...:-)

  Quickbeam 11:05 01 Jan 2008

They probable just assume everyone has a thick head today :))

  justme 17:42 01 Jan 2008

I'm probably showing my age but when I went to primary school (early 1950's)we were taught mental arithmetic. Nowadays the schools allow the pupils to use calculators and computers to do even the simplest of calculations.

I remember helping with some tests of new recruits to the company I worked for and one of the questions was "what is 50% of 100". The answers ranged from one half to 5,000. Only two of the twenty people tested got it right.

  Proclaimer 20:50 01 Jan 2008

in this country. There are lots of them and they may appreciate the help.

  v1asco 22:07 01 Jan 2008

Doubt it, they are very money conscious and rightly so.
I think its just a bit more sales jargon, what looks better, 50% off or £50 off?

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