A shocking lack of humanity!

  Flak999 19:15 17 Oct 2011

What is the reason that ordinary people would disregard this small child in desperate need of help. What does it say about humanity that two drivers can run over this child and leave her to die in the road, and many passers by just look the other way?

Chinese toddler

I warn you this video is distressing!

  anskyber 08:46 18 Oct 2011

It is always interesting to reflect on the evolution of nations or in the case of China several nations welded together.

I have no doubt that we all would subscribe to the compassion shown here by Flak999 and probably be frustrated by a seeming lack of basic humanity which I think has come from the history of China as many have said here.

At the risk of being called complacent I do say that the style of the revolution going on in China, which is essentially an economic revolution but includes social revolution on its coat-tales, is infinitely better than the alternative. A bloody revolution. From that point of view I can understand the Chinese leaders who actually in micro steps are freeing up the people.

  LanceAlot 12:25 18 Oct 2011

I totally agree with forum member. This child could very easily have been a pirate and as soon as someone assisted many more pirates could have swarmed from behind those crates and attacked the good samaritan. You can never be too careful.

  Forum Editor 17:52 18 Oct 2011


Your attempt at humour underlines the fact that you haven't understood the point being made here.

In China - particularly in some of the larger towns - it's not unknown for people to deliberately stage what appear to be horrific road accidents in order to trick passers by into becoming involved, and being robbed as a consequence.

A client of mine who trades with Chinese suppliers on a regular and substantial way once told me of an incident where he was driving on the outskirts of a Chinese town. He rounded a bend to see a girl of about ten years old lying spreadeagled in the middle of the road with a pool of blood around her head. There was a car parked at an angle across the road with one of its doors open, and three people were milling around looking distressed. My client did what any compassionate person would do - he pulled up and got out of his car to offer help. Ten minutes later he was being pinned down by two men whilst a third man went through his pockets. The young girl - miraculously recovered - jumped into his car and took his laptop, his camera, and a leather jacket. The whole lot of them then drove off.

He was left with a car, but no money, credit cards, laptop, camera, or jacket. He swore that he would never stop for an accident in China again.

  Aitchbee 18:46 18 Oct 2011

I have witnessed,more frequently now, recently, on local bus journeys, in the south-side of Glasgow, a reticence to give up one's seat for an elderly or infirm person who struggles on to the bus.It must be a sign of the times.

  LanceAlot 09:36 19 Oct 2011

Forum Editor and forum member.

Yes, my attempt at humour, like many other cases in this forum, passed like water off a duck's back. Sometimes I feel that there is an air of autism floating around. I was merely pointing out that the analogy was a very silly one.

Yes, I am aware of the type of occurances in China as mentioned. This is the country which has an appalling record of human rights. This is the country that drove a tank over a protesting student. This is the country that it's citizens used to leave baby girls out in the woods to die because there was no incentive to let them live. This is the country that has vans driving round the streets to cature hapless citizens in order to farm their organs against their will.

But this example is a sad indictment of human nature when a country's people have absolutely no courage and their humanity has been squashed like a rotten tomato.

  interzone55 11:32 19 Oct 2011


A) The analogy is perfectly adequate, as it's demonstrating the use of a decoy to lull people into doing something out of compassion that may lead them into danger

B) The tank in Tiananmen Square didn't drive over the student, he was pulled out of the way by others - his fate is unknown though, he may well have been pulled aside by soldiers and executed, but he definitely wasn't run over.

As an aside - staging accidents is common in this country, but more from an insurance point of view, which robs every driver in the country.

Plus, as another example of a shocking lack of humanity, how about dumping a car on a train track, which could cause multiple fatalities


  Forum Editor 18:37 19 Oct 2011


If you think that Chinese people 'have no courage' you quite obviously know virtually nothing about them. If you think their humanity has been 'squashed like a rotten tomato' you definitely know nothing about them.

China is a Communist state, the people have been repressed for a very long time, and the abuses of human rights that have occurred, and still do occur are too numerous to mention, but human nature is more resilient than you appear to understand.

I have experienced many examples of Chinese people behaving towards each other in the most sensitive and caring way, and I have certainly seen them acting as loving and caring parents act in many other countries. Of course there will be examples of callous behaviour, but you don't have to go to China to experience that - there are many examples of children being subjected to appalling abuse and cruelty right here, in good old Britain.

Generalisation can be risky business,and your sweeping generalisations in respect of Chinese society, based on a few widely publicised events, illustrates how unwise it is to expose your lack of knowledge - better to say nothing if all you're going to do is get it so wrong.

  LanceAlot 09:31 20 Oct 2011

Both of your responces speak a thousand time more about yourselves than I ever could.

  anskyber 10:21 20 Oct 2011


**What a pity.

Whilst not agreeing with your main post about China as you saw it I did think it was covering a point of view worthy of debate, the purpose of this forum surely. So it is sad that you decided to hide behind worthless comments like "Both of your responces speak a thousand time more about yourselves than I ever could"

  interzone55 12:20 20 Oct 2011


Both of your responces speak a thousand time more about yourselves than I ever could.

And that would be "a well researched, and spelt, answer is better that the ignorant, bigoted rubbish I spout"

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