A shocking lack of humanity!

  Flak999 19:15 17 Oct 2011

What is the reason that ordinary people would disregard this small child in desperate need of help. What does it say about humanity that two drivers can run over this child and leave her to die in the road, and many passers by just look the other way?

Chinese toddler

I warn you this video is distressing!

  interzone55 19:52 17 Oct 2011

Remember that some people in China, much like many other parts of Asia, have no qualms whatsoever about maiming their children so that they are more valuable for begging...

  spuds 20:11 17 Oct 2011

I think that we only need to reflect back to Baby P, and how that came to the public's attention.

It happened before, and its happened since.

I recall many years ago while in South East Asia, being instructed that if you knocked a child down 'never ever' stop, but try to go direct to a police station or armed forces barrack and obtain assistance. If you stopped to provide help to the injured child, there would be the possibility of serious assault or far worse by the locals taking revenge.

  sunnystaines 20:22 17 Oct 2011

the 3rd world look on life differently to western nations. to us its very sad & tragic. but to some in these area's where life is hard and they have loads of kids its more like the loss of a pet.

  wee eddie 21:25 17 Oct 2011

In a land where begging is almost commonplace, the reaction of the passers-by is not as extraordinary as we, in the West, would expect.

What is unexpected is the Public Reaction which shows a radical change to that which would have occurred, say, 10 years ago. China is changing and values, more akin to those of the West, are beginning to take root.

Their Government would do well to look to it's laurels and start cascading the benefits of growing literacy and prosperity.

  OTT_B 21:57 17 Oct 2011


The same advice still applies in many countries. Notably South Africa, a supposed developed nation.

  Flak999 22:20 17 Oct 2011

I wonder if we would behave in the same callous fashion if we saw a child lying bleeding at the side of the road in this country? Which one of us would stop to help? Which one of us would walk on by?

I have to say that putting myself into the position of a sea captain spotting a Somali fishing boat would be the last thing I would think of! (what a very curious analogy for this situation!)

I suppose it all comes down to a persons common humanity and empathy for another human being in trouble.

I spent thirty years in the fire service dealing with tragedy's such as this and I know for certain what my actions would be.

  Forum Editor 22:58 17 Oct 2011


Unless you've experienced Chinese society it's very difficult to understand things like this, and of course there's a tendency for us all to make judgements, based on our own set of circumstances. You may well know how you would act were you to see a child in this situation in your own country, but I can assure you that you may well behave quite differently if you were a native Chinese citizen.

fourm member's comment that Chinese people "are accustomed to keeping out of contact with authority as much as possible." is absolutely right. I've visited the country many times, and I've always been struck by the Chinese attitude of 'keep your head below the parapet at all costs'. Ordinary people will avoid becoming involved in anything that doesn't directly concern them if they possibly can. It doesn't mean that they are callous, or that they lack humanity or empathy - that's an assumption you've made, but it's very wide of the mark.

Chinese people love their children as much as people anywhere, and they are as capable of compassion as you. Where things differ is that they live in an atmosphere of repression, and the denial of basic human rights, and you don't. They're scared of the possible consequences of becoming involved - it's a horrible way to have to live, but their fear is very real. You hear numerous stories about how good Samaritans often come to regret their good deeds.

  Flak999 00:01 18 Oct 2011

Forum Editor

it's a horrible way to have to live

It certainly is! I have never been to China, but one sees it as a developing nation and an economic powerhouse and so I suppose one assumes that the values that you subscribe to are also subscribed to by others in what is fast becoming a world superpower.

You say that the Chinese are as capable of compassion and empathy as you or I? I saw precious little of it displayed in the video I linked to, The first van driver having run the little girl down stops and looks and then drives over her legs as he leaves the scene!

truly despicable!

  lotvic 01:36 18 Oct 2011

I did wonder where the parents were while all this neglect was happening.

  lotvic 01:55 18 Oct 2011

I have just read the report in the China Digital Times 'Toddler Declared "Brain Dead" in Guangdong Hit-and-Run Tragedy'


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