karmgord 21:00 13 Jan 2011

My wife & I were searching on Google for Denby Pottery when we clicked on a link which met the search criteria and were directed to a porn site. What would the legal ramifications have been if the sight had been worse such as child porn?
As per title I'm shocked.
Btw the search criteria contained no words which might be mis con strewed or slang appertaining to sex/porn.

  OTT_B 21:37 13 Jan 2011

I'm not quite sure on what search criteria you used, but putting in Denby Pottery, resulted in.....well, Denby Pottery!

  Uboat 21:39 13 Jan 2011


Last year my now 17 year old daughter opened a email address account up with yahoo, after not opening it for several months she was shocked to see hundreds of spam emails and some of them was gross porn! now its disgusting that this isnt stopped or more money invested into the blocking the IP's of the scum that do this!

Had that of been a child of 10 or younger the results would of been much worse...

When i go on some trusted sites ive noticed its really scrapping the bucket with their adverts as in its almost light porn! they have females with bits almost hanging out! why does a trusted site go that way.?

for adults like us sometimes its the norm, its when its a minor that is subjected to it when things dramaticly change!

  peter99co 21:58 13 Jan 2011

Happened to me once when I missed a single letter in a word.

I sent an email to the correct site and they modified their 'word' to prevent it from happening again.

  spuds 23:34 13 Jan 2011

This is nothing new, and as for the legal side, this would be very difficult.

A few years ago, I was doing a simple innocent search, when I was suddenly 'connected' to a string of porn sites,which where obviously US based. My monitor screen was like a constant flashing light show. Nothing that I did would stop the saga, except to pull the mains on the computer system and the internet connection. That little episode resulted in a reformat, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if remnants of that evening are still hidden on the hard drive somewhere. Forgot all about that, until this thread reminded me of that scary moment.

  john bunyan 23:47 13 Jan 2011

If after such an episode and using C Cleaner in normal mode to get rid of browsing history one runs the Drive wiper facilty, I wonder if this would make a look by an investgator unable to see your activity. I notice there are various settings, such as NSA where the drive is overwitten 7 times, and Gutmann (with 35 passes) . After a malware attack I did use the first option above - it does take a long time.
Maybe an "expert" will comment.

  morddwyd 07:42 14 Jan 2011

Back in the 90s when I was introducing my wife to the internet I told her to type any word into the search box.

Since she was looking to do a bit of upholstery she typed in "leather"!

She was a bit shocked too!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:19 14 Jan 2011

Judging by the number of porn sites I see in computer histories there must be an awful lot of stumbling ....and repeat stumbling....and repeat stumbling going on.

Let's get this perfectly clear...the vast majority of porn is not illegal in the UK. People who 'stumble upon' porn sites have no need to worry about Plod sending round the heavies followed by a starring role on the front page of one of the Red Tops because, in spite of what The Daily Mail would like it's witless readers to believe, people charged with these offences are not convicted from a few sites that they have accidentally come across, there is a LOT more than just that and it usually involves credit cards and swapping files over long periods. The sites are also not usually stumbled upon in error but have to be signed up for in a long process or you have to be invited

Porn has been here since the dawn of time so just adopt a mature attitude rather than one of unbridled horror and get on with surfing. If you do get on a porn site....just close it, there is no need to panic and reformat everything in site. There is a huge amount of Internet use devoted to looking at porn sites, get used to it and society will not implode nor will you be changed into goggle-eyed perverts preying on all and sundry.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:21 14 Jan 2011

ps...using Ccleaner to over-write 35 times is the epitome of paranoia.....get real and forget it. Just use Ccleaner once in normal mode.


  john bunyan 10:19 14 Jan 2011

I was trying to widen the discussion to see, for example if you were selling a PC or giving it to a relative,what views there were re C Cleaner's Drive wiper to ensure such things as banking were wiped. In the past I have smashed a hard drive before disposal. I do not worry about the other issues you raise and am not in the least obsessive about such issues.

  karmgord 17:43 14 Jan 2011

The thing is, Google was set to filter only to let moderate sites through,the site I got was anything but.
What got me was the search result I clicked on described the Denby pottery I was looking for.

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