Shipping Warning for Vauxhall Corsa

  Al94 18:48 29 Nov 2011

Must have been a very carelessly parked hire car!

  morddwyd 20:32 29 Nov 2011

This is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

I hope the driver gets done for littering!

  Brumas 22:40 29 Nov 2011

He probably thought that's how to dip the clutch - groan, I couldn't resist it ;o}

  Quickbeam 07:41 30 Nov 2011

"...are likely to become write-offs."

I don't think there's any likely about it, submerged cars are considerably heavier with the additional silt/sand that gets into everywhere. It gets into the carpet/seat cloth weave, the headlining cavity, the ventilation system, anyway into the engine, anyway past bearing seals, into steering rack gaiters, into electrical systems, literally everywhere!. Any bodywork damage is irrelevant.

  Autoschediastic 07:43 30 Nov 2011

One of my best mates lives in Mumbles & i showed him the link from the beeb and he and his mates hadnt heard of this intresting we all have and yet the people in the very place havent lol

  spuds 17:44 30 Nov 2011

I don't know about a vehicle be written off, because it was submerged in sea water.

When I lived at the Aquatic Gap in Barbados, we had a tropical storm that lasted a number of days, with the end results that there was major flooding. I had a British Leyland 1100 at the time, and this vehicle was eventually submerged. When the floods went down, we were expecting the worse.

It didn't turn out like that, because after we had changed the engine oil and filters, changed the fuel pump and cleaned out the silt from the interior, the vehicle was once again drivable. It did take a little longer though to remove the smell from the car interior, strong disinfectant daily and wide open windows was a necessity for quite a few days after.

Another incident while I was living and working there, was a person who we knew, and who had been trying hard to sell his car. On travelling by the sea port we saw a crowd gathering, so made an investigation. Lo and behold there was our now wet car seller who stated "Been an drown me car man".

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