Sheffield to be first with LED streetlights

  Graham* 20:54 18 Jul 2012

An end to the orange glow The Star and smoother roads too.

  Condom 21:14 18 Jul 2012

And with the ususal luck the Gas Board Or Electricity Board will come along a week or two later and dig them up again ;-)

  interzone55 21:51 18 Jul 2012

They've got some LED street lights in Morecambe, they're very good as they give a true white light.

Sodium lights are terrible, especially for CCTV as they have the double whammy of ruining colour representation and reducing the life of the camera sensors.

This is what the lamps look like

  Condom 22:07 18 Jul 2012

Alan 14

My God I thought the Martians had landed again. Designs straight out of the War Of The Worlds movie.

  Graham* 00:03 19 Jul 2012

Of course, the reduction in light pollution of the night skies over cities will be most welcome.

  Jwbjnwolf 17:07 19 Jul 2012

LED lighting, sounds great!

Likely will be less dazzling too.

Still glad that I live in a street light free place lol :)

  Aitchbee 17:55 19 Jul 2012

I've got one of those little battery-operated push-for-on-off LED lights stuck to the headboard of my bed...I'm amazed at how long it has lasted without a battery change.(over 2 years on 2 AAA batteries).

  Jwbjnwolf 18:31 19 Jul 2012

Wow thats impressive lol.

I like those little LED lights. Really nice.

  WhiteTruckMan 21:38 19 Jul 2012

I've had an LED streetlight outside my house for a couple of years now. They are strange things to get used to, and they don't put out anywhere near as much light as a sodium lamp. However they are more than adequate for the purpose, and in time I have rather grown to like them, even though they are an acquired taste. If anyone finds they have them appear near them, I urge them to give them a few months rather than forming an instant opinion. They are undoubtedly cheaper to run than a sodium lamp, however I have no idea of the purchase and fitting costs, so cannot say whether they are economically viable. But knowing what councils are like, they probably paid too much...


  interzone55 21:59 19 Jul 2012


The lamp itself will cost a couple of grand, based on how much a white LED lamp about a 1/4 size costs, but they will last around 5-10 years with no bulb changes required. They have clever electronics that reduce the power to certain diodes to increase their lifespan.

As for electricity costs, they use approx 25% of the power of a sodium vapour lamp.

The column price will vary depending on the design and height, but £750 would be a rough average, then an equal amount for civils (a 6m high column usually needs a 1x1x0.5m concrete base, then running cables etc)

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