spikeychris 18:36 13 Nov 2005

As part of my degree I need to know what people would like technology to do to make their life easier.

So if you don't mind.......

BTW the tech must be possible now - so it could be something like a VPN so you could work from home.



  bremner 18:44 13 Nov 2005

Make the trains run on time -

Oh sorry you said something must be possible now, silly me.

  wolfie3000 18:51 13 Nov 2005

For me a computer program thats all in one antivirus spyware firewall cleans up registry and temp files and it can heal your pc when it crashes.

  Dan the Doctus 20:01 13 Nov 2005

Have a version of Windows where you don't have to reboot so often (Vista?).

  jbp1982 20:25 13 Nov 2005

I'd love that feature where you text message the house!

Craig David can text message his house to adjust his ambient light settings, he can text his kettle to turn it on.

That feauture extended to turn the hot water on for a bath when ya finish work, the oven already preheated for you to cook your dinner, just as your ready to use it, I hate having to wait on pre-heating the oven.

That'd be great

  spikeychris 20:43 14 Nov 2005

Thank you wolfie3000, Dan the Doctus and jbp1982. Posted on a Sunday - everyone else must have been at church?

  PUNKA 22:13 14 Nov 2005

Nope, Poppy day Parade Fantastic.

  PurplePenny 23:12 14 Nov 2005

I can' think of anything :-(

  jbp1982 23:17 14 Nov 2005

Here's another one.

The nintendogs on the nintendo ds is amazing, it has a touch screen and a mic. My fiance trains dogs on the game and can actually call the dog by name and pet the animal. She has it doing all sorts of tricks.

I'd love my monitor on my PC to have touch screen capabilities.

Just probably too expensive!

  mco 23:41 14 Nov 2005

Brilliant! I want one to do that text messaging!!

  CurlyWhirly 00:12 15 Nov 2005

Crikey, your studying for a degree?

I was never much good in school :0(

Good luck with your degree though :0)

p.s. I couldn't think of anything technological to make my life easier than it is already!

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