Shale Gas

  woodchip 17:34 19 Jul 2013

Do you think it will make Fuel Bill Cheaper ?

  Flak999 17:47 19 Jul 2013

In a word, No!

Costs of exploration and extraction, energy companies profits, government taxes, we poor old consumers will be stung same as we always are.

  wiz-king 17:54 19 Jul 2013

No - like the nuclear power that was going to be so cheap.

  woodchip 17:54 19 Jul 2013

Flak999 Glad you posted that, as they said same about North Sea Gas that we would be swimming in cheap Gas, as you say only ones to get anything from it will be Shareholders and Tax Man

  fourm member 19:59 19 Jul 2013

Of course it will make fuel cheaper. The question though is cheaper than what?

Will we find in ten years and that bills are a fraction of what they were? No. Will we be better off by avoiding the critical energy shortages that could happen without shale gas? Certainly.

  Al94 20:22 19 Jul 2013

Will we experience major negative environmental issues as a result - very probably

  cream. 20:55 19 Jul 2013

Do you think it will make Fuel Bill Cheaper ?


But it will cut down on the reliance of other country's to supply us with energy. With hopefully new nuclear reactors, renewable energy and fracking. We may be self sufficient for the majority of our energy use.

We may even use the pipe from Europe to send some gas back and make a few shekels.

  cream. 21:42 19 Jul 2013

What a surprise. George Osborne announces tax breaks for shale gas and who has his finger in the pie. The same one who is against plain wrappers on ciggies and minimum alcohol pricing. It appears he is dictating party policy.

here's Lynton

  fourm member 21:57 19 Jul 2013


'Will we experience major negative environmental issues as a result - very probably'


We managed to get a lot of coal out of the ground without widespread problems and we understand how to do things much better these days.

  spuds 23:33 19 Jul 2013

If people think that this will be a form of cheap fuel, then they want to look at some of the exploration work going on in America, and the costs being involved in that. And that's including environmental issues, where some communities are getting more concerned about health issues.

  Devil Fish 00:37 20 Jul 2013

will bills come down i doubt it more than likely go up as the end user ends up paying for the clear up. Pumping chemical contamintated water into the ground doesn't inspire me with much confidence in the process

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