The Shabbiness of the Good Friday Agreement

  morddwyd 20:22 10 Jan 2017

The new problems in Northern Ireland show up the tawdriness of the NI Peace agreement.

Imagine a constitution this side of the North Channel where the Prime Minister stays in office only as long as the leader of another political party does the same.

“Peace at any cost” does not work in the long term (as the 1918 Armistice showed us), and there are many examples in history to show that you don’t treat with armed rebels , or terrorists, let alone make them deputy leaders. You beat them or give in to them. Assad knows it. So did Pitt and Henry VI (Joan of Arc).

The deadly duo, Adams and MacGuiness, are simply biding their tine and regrouping.

  Al94 21:34 10 Jan 2017

McGuinness is not regrouping, he is obviously very ill and likely to withdraw from politics for whatever time he has left. I suspect he has been told to go by Adams. Many will not admit it, but despite his past he turned out to be a moderate and worked hard to cope with the corrupt bigoted DUP. This made him unpopular with many in the republican ranks. The DUP have been caught red handed with noses in the trough (admittedly a simplistic way of looking at it) and Arlene Foster is one of the most ignorant vitriolic women I have ever encountered. DUP and Sinn Fein hate each other with a vengeance and expend so much energy trying to wind each other up. None are fit for government and are both too close to paramilitaries on both sides. Potentially dangerous times. The electorate are pissed off with "The fools on the hill" but whether sufficiently so to move the popular vote away from green and orange remains to be seen.Either way Sinn Fein will be a much harder nosed party without McGuinness and the risk of dissident activity cannot be ruled out. It is a total mess but sadly NI politics were doomed to failure by Blairs plans for enforced power sharing. True democracy is the only hope.

  morddwyd 22:36 10 Jan 2017

"True democracy is the only hope."

And it is the last thing most politicians in NI are likely to espouse!

  wee eddie 11:30 11 Jan 2017

The Good Friday Agreement may have been a bit of a lash-up but it halted the killings. No treaty will ever be totally successful if one party really doesn't wish to be part of it, it will eventually break down.

But it was better than nothing and it hasn't broken down yet, just hit a speed bump

  oresome 11:47 11 Jan 2017

I agree with wee eddie.

Unpalatable compromises have to be made if you want to move forward and it hasn't broken yet.

  Burn-it 14:03 11 Jan 2017

It will only ever be solved when a generation of children are brought up OUTSIDE the influence of so called religion and allowed back to take power.

  morddwyd 19:33 11 Jan 2017

"it hasn't broken down yet, just hit a speed bump"

I suggest you calculate the number of bombs there have been since the Good Friday agreement, both those which were found and defused and those which went off, including Omagh, the worst ever.

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