Sexualisation of children

  interzone55 13:51 09 Jun 2011

Are children, especially young girls, being forced to grow up too fast?

Parents are paranoid about child molesters, but they let them dress in clothes more suited to pole dancing clubs. I see lots of very young girls plastered with make-up, and with t-shirts emblazoned with slogans like "Future Porn-Star".

And what's with the fascination with pink things?

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  Cymro. 14:02 09 Jun 2011

Yes I agree with you alan14 but I have no idea what the answer is. I doubt if there is any sort of law that can be passed that would help. As with many things with children these days it is up to the parents and I don`t think they will change their attitude any time soon.

  Colin 16:18 09 Jun 2011

Kids don't grow up too fast, they just find out about things earlier than we did. It's not the same thing. They are still immature and should be treated as such as knowing about something is not the same as being able to deal with it. But we live in a "modern" society where people won't be told anything but it's always someone else's fault when things go wrong. Letting Poppy and Josh “find their own boundaries” i.e. do what they like, is just lazy parenting.

  Cymro. 16:25 09 Jun 2011

* “find their own boundaries” i.e. do what they like, is just lazy parenting* Yes and very true Colin. I wonder just how far things will go in the future. Surely there must be boundaries and things will eventually change for the better. Not that I expect to be around that long.

  interzone55 16:59 09 Jun 2011

The worst behaved children I've ever met (in a tantrum type way, not breaking into cars way) were the spawn of a child psychologist and vicar who let the children do whatever they liked. The youngest daughter used to sleep on a futon mattress and simply drag it into which ever room she wanted to sleep in. Unbelievably this could be her mother's office, even when she was counselling parishioners...

  Forum Editor 17:21 09 Jun 2011

And what's with the fascination with pink things?

If you don't know the answer to that, you obviously don't know much about young females.

There is a real problem with the way that some parents of girls perceive their children, and with the way that some manufacturers pander to these parents. We're talking about a very small minority however, although it might seem otherwise if you read the tabloids.

In my experience most parents have a pretty good idea of how to allow small girls to dress, despite what the more hysterical tabloid journalists would have you think.

  WhiteTruckMan 00:00 10 Jun 2011

I have a far bigger problem with pre pubescent girls being forcibly married off to some middle aged (or older!) man - possibly a relative-from another country as part of some arrangement.

Some call it an arranged marriage. I call it child abuse.


  daz60 01:03 10 Jun 2011

Technology has opened a 'Pandoras Box' as much more information is open to perusal than you would find in a book or magazine so children are more "aware".How they interpret that information is really dependent on their environment. I think some children are forced,but generally they are more than capable and to a certain degree more responsible than the similar aged male. Today i was on a bus journey and the young girl not more than 5yrs was twirling herself around the "pole", where the wheelchair goes,shouting "lady gaga",nothing provocative just enjoying herself in an humorous,to me,manner.

  Condom 01:05 10 Jun 2011

Well all I can say is give me Beyonce everytime ahead of Pam's People and as a child of 65 I should know better.

  daz60 02:33 10 Jun 2011

Beyonce,every time??...sure you are not restricting yourself.HEHE

  wee eddie 02:54 10 Jun 2011

Condom, their name was more provocative than "Pam's" People.

It was Pan's People, Worshipers of the God Baccus!

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