Is this Sexisim!"

  ky72 15:34 04 Feb 2010

I went down a local street today & saw this gym advertising that is a 100% Women ONLY! no men allowed not even into the building.? is this allowed.? i thought if we had a MEN ONLY gym this would raise eyebrows.?
Dont get me wrong i have no real issue apart from they advertise some good offers some times & i feel that im exempt from been able to have the offers due to my sex.?

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  egapup 15:39 04 Feb 2010


  Forum Editor 18:59 04 Feb 2010

but in London there are several men only gyms, and several women only gyms.

I've not been aware of thousands of people marching through the streets shouting 'Down with single sex gyms!'

As for 'Typical', well that's the kind of pointless comment I've learned to expect.

  brindly 20:49 04 Feb 2010

Forum Editor.
Do you think the world revolves around London? Either we have sex discrimination or we don't. It is the same when it comes to domestic violence and refuges, they always seem to be women hardly ever include the fact that men get abused. I just wish we din't make such a fuss about normal things but sadly it seems in our culture now.

  interzone55 22:27 04 Feb 2010

A lot of women get intimidated by the testosterone laden atmosphere in many gyms, so there areloads of women only gyms that have totally different equipment to a men's gym, mainly cardio stuff like bikes & cross-trainers.

It's not sexism, just good business sense.

Now why Newnham College is allowed to remain a Women's only college when all the men only colleges have been forced to become Co-Ed is something that's always puzzled me...

  Forum Editor 22:37 04 Feb 2010

What makes you ask if I think the world revolves around London? I didn't say anything of the kind.

If you read what I wrote you would see that I said 'I can't speak for the rest of the country', and I can't. I live and work mainly in London, so I have more knowledge of what happens here. I'm quite sure there must be men only gyms in other places, too.

Of course men are abused by women, but that's not relevant to whether there should be single sex gyms. It's a fact, whether we like it or not, that men and women are different, and if somebody wants to open a women-only gym they are perfectly entitled to do so. They're certainly not discriminating against men by doing it, they're simply recognising the fact that lots of women would prefer to use a gym that isn't frequented by men.

There's only a problem with that if you choose to make one of it.

  morddwyd 08:01 05 Feb 2010

"It's a fact, whether we like it or not, that men and women are different,"

And that, of course, is the problem.

Many do not like it, and, by silly rules and legislation, force everybody else to follow their way of thinking.

I once worked in an all female university hall of residence.

There were repeated votes on whether to admit males, the final one only including first years only(many straight from home and the club culture), on the grounds that second and third years did not normally live in hall, and fourth years would soon be leaving.

They finally got the result they wanted, but left one wing as female only.

Anyone who applied for a room in this wing was immediately labelled a lesbian, and not just by the males.

  brindly 08:41 05 Feb 2010

Forum Editor

Can you answer alan14 question then "Now why Newnham College is allowed to remain a Women's only college when all the men only colleges have been forced to become Co-Ed is something that's always puzzled me..." I don't mind if they have seperate gyms it just has to be equal, thats all. If we didn't have all these diversity rules life would be so much easier.

  peter99co 09:37 05 Feb 2010

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Not sexism but supermarket cheap prices

  The Mountaineer 10:01 05 Feb 2010

I have personally always thought about things like this in terms of whether a law has been broken or whether the "issue" has become institutionalised. So for example if only women were allowed into gyms then such institutionalised sexism should be outlawed. On the other hand if I wanted to set up a mountaineering class or club for women, what's the problem, there is no law to stop me. But, before anybody asks, setting up such a club for white people only would be breaking the law of our land and I wouldn't dream of doing it anyway.

  michaelw 11:45 05 Feb 2010

I've got no problem with female only gyms. Some women feel intimidated by some of the male peacocks strutting around flexing their muscles.

Mind you, it's their loss and they'll be missing all the glory of my middle-age spread.

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