Several people have emailed me...

  Forum Editor 01:19 01 Jan 2006

to ask how many registrations we have as we enter 2006.

For them, and for anyone else who may be interested, the current figure is hovering just under 182,000 as we start our sixth year online. Here's to a busy New Year. Since we opened our forum threads to the search engines we have seen our traffic figures climb dramatically, and we now have thousands of new visitors from all over the world.

  VoG II 01:23 01 Jan 2006

Excellent news FE.

Opening up the forum has certainly achieved something. I was Googling the other day for the answer to a problem and I came across a link to the very thread I was trying to help with!

Best wishes to you and all of the PCA staff for 2006.

  Forum Editor 01:28 01 Jan 2006

We've all come a long way together over the past few years, and everyone at PCA would like to return your good wishes for the New Year.

  Tazfan 11:28 01 Jan 2006

What an achievement. Thats a fantastic amount of people on board. Hope they have as good a time as the rest of us.



  TOPCAT® 11:41 01 Jan 2006

"We've been together now for five long years and it don't seem a day too much....." Tra -la -la!

My sentiments exactly - every success, health and happiness for 2006 to everyone at PCA, the members and, not least, the lucky people from around the world who chance to drop in on us. You are truly welcome here. TC.

  sattman 12:10 01 Jan 2006

Initially I recommended PCA website to the occasional friend after helping them with problems. Following the feed back that I got I now do it routinely. It is such a vast info store.

Best wishes to all at PCA

  Totally-braindead 12:19 01 Jan 2006

Its good to know the site is going from strength to stength, long may it last and a happy new year to all.

  jack 12:19 01 Jan 2006

186 k + Eh!
Mind boogling - good for the advertizing dept though - think of all the extra mullah
Bah Humbug- I could mean the likes of FE VOG et al glued to the screen 48/14.

  jack 12:22 01 Jan 2006

And I still type tripe
A resolution is called for me thinks -
but what,which?

  Forum Editor 12:25 01 Jan 2006

Not tripe exactly, but if a resolution is need, how about:

"Engage brain before operating keyboard"?

I make that one every New Year, but somehow it doesn't always work out.

  mco 13:18 01 Jan 2006

I think mind-boogling is a really good phrase! I'll resolve to use it in 2006!

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