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  Bingalau 07:56 25 Apr 2012

I really enjoyed the game of football last night between Barcelona and Chelsea. But I am disgusted with the behaviour of the Chelsea captain, of all people in the way he behaved. This, from someone who is supposed to be the captain of England's football team. He should be severely punished for the offence besides the scheduled punishments such as missing future games. The type of offence he committed used to be committed by foreigners, some of their sly, off the ball nonsense was prolific in foreign teams. But to see it spread to British football in this way and not even be committed by a foreign player is just not cricket!!!! ...I hate to think how it will be copied in our everyday parks football by young children who watched last nights game. I sincerely hope he is stripped of his England captaincy for ever as well.

How the rest of the team performed under pressure like that I do not know. Congratulations to them and good luck in the final. Mind you I think Chelsea had their fair share of luck last night too. Messi hitting the bar from a penalty, he will be a long time living that one down. I also couldn't understand why they didn't change their tactics and try shooting from outside the penalty box. They didn't really put Chelsea's goalkeeper under the pressure that was required. He was quite capable of keeping the few efforts out and did so brilliantly, as expected.

But if I were the Chelsea boss I would give the captain the boot, in the form of a free transfer to Timbuktu or somewhere equally outlandish.

  bremner 08:23 25 Apr 2012

Terry has always been a loose cannon on and particularly off the field. To lose the England captaincy once is unfortunate but to do so twice speaks volumes.

I object to your comments about foreigners, ever heard of Ron Harris, Tommy Smith and most of the Leeds team of the 60's and 70's just to cite a few, kicking players on and off the ball, what was an accepted part of the game.

Terry is what he is, a once talented footballer, now on the down slope of his career with an unpleasant character.

  Quickbeam 08:27 25 Apr 2012

I do think that replacing a meaningless yellow card booking, which almost guarantees the ref not using a second one for a same minor offence, with rugby's sin-bin rule will clear football of it's girlie prima donna-esque tamrums and handbags very quickly.

And in accordance with FIFA's desire to see the same rules used from a Sunday league game right through to the World Cup game, it's very easy to adopt for the whole game.

RU trialed it after RL's adoption and found it worked wonders very quickly with minimum interference to the game. As a penalty action, the whole team suffers for the petulance of one player's actions.

It's the old, but proven divide and rule philosophy.

  Bingalau 08:48 25 Apr 2012

There was nothing sly in the way Tommy Smith and some of the Leeds team dished it out. But of course I am going back to the real old days with players such as Tom Finney and Tommy Lawton. But then again, even recently there are good examples to follow such as Garry Linacre when he was playing. So there really is no need for it. It's done to intimidate better players of course and put them off their game. Surely the public do want to see better football and not the kick and rush stuff which might ensue from these type of fouls.

But some of todays' players must be really thick in the head if they think they can get away with those type of fouls, when there are dozens of camera's around the ground. John Terry must be twice as thick because he knew there were also extra officials in place. How thick can one get?

  Quickbeam 08:56 25 Apr 2012

'...must be really thick in the head'

...nail on head Bingalau!

  Aitchbee 08:58 25 Apr 2012 two bricks!

  interzone55 10:36 25 Apr 2012

I think punishments should hit the players where it hurts most, their wallets.

If you get a yellow card you lose half the match fee, if you get a red card you lose the whole match fee, plus the fees for the matches during your suspension.

The Bentley & Aston Martin dealerships in Cheshire & Essex might start to feel the pinch, but it'll clean up the game in the long run...

  Bingalau 10:36 25 Apr 2012

Two short planks?

  Quickbeam 12:35 25 Apr 2012

Are you going to name names?

  spuds 13:39 25 Apr 2012

Not being at all interested in football,so I couldn't comment on yesterdays game. What I can comment on, the fact that in my previous job, I had to deal with some of the "Do you know who I am" brigade.

My answer was usually the same, "No I don't, who are you?". Seems to knock the wind out of the sails, of some VIP's for a short time!.

Our local newspaper seems to write after each game, with a similar style like estate agents. Giving massive praise, but the local team still lost.

Better get my coat!.

  daz60 13:45 25 Apr 2012

Had a heated debate with a Chelsea supporter over this incident quoting the rule book to me crying that it was not a sending off offence but only merited a yellow card.

This being only the second match of the season i have watched has reiterated to me my overall disgust at the game and why i have rapidly gone off it.

These players antics both on and especially off the field have left a sour taste and virtually destroyed my liking of the game,it is unfortunate that a few rotten eggs have, over recent years,brought this game into disrepute helped along by those limp wrists at the FA whose idea of punishment is as farcical as those judges at law in criminal cases.

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