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Service slang for the word "spare"

  sunnypete 17:53 28 Nov 2015

Doing my usual cryptic crossword today I came across a clue "spare personal injury", "gxsx", a word I haven't heard in this context since my National Service days, 60 odd years ago. Does it bring back memories for others? Gash, I mean.

  VCR97 18:05 28 Nov 2015

Gash; also used in the manner "That's gash" meaning that it's no good. Isn't it used in the RN or the merchant navy to mean rubbish such as food waste?

  john bunyan 18:22 28 Nov 2015

Gash in RM / RN normally means "rubbish" so to throw away rubbish is to ditch the gash. It can also mean spare or extra so a spare man with no job is a gash hand. Can be used to denigrate kit or people etc , such as " That is a gash car". ( Former RM ). We are coming towards Crimbo, the scran will be essence and we will have a hoofing time!

  bumpkin 18:27 28 Nov 2015

I have heard the word used with an entirely different meaning, no wonder people find English a difficult language.

  john bunyan 18:28 28 Nov 2015

There is a book called Jackspeak. There are some subtle differences but mostly similarities between RM and RM . When I was in RM we would use terms to confuse other services such as referring to RAF as Crabair or in an Army barracks would sweep the deck etc etc

  john bunyan 18:30 28 Nov 2015

I meant between RM & RN

  john bunyan 20:31 28 Nov 2015

No - you are confusing the RM with the HLI . When they left Malta 45 Commando sent a request to the local forces radio - in 1957 - for "Their friends in the HLI" on their departure "Where Sheep May Safely Graze". The DJ did not, I suspect "get it". Hoofing in RM is " great" , threaders is exhausted , going ashore is going out, - plenty more!

  john bunyan 21:15 28 Nov 2015

A few more!!

Daily Telegraph

  Ungus 10:32 29 Nov 2015

Someone mention sheep careful now BW know all about sheep we were always accused of molesting them by others.

  john bunyan 10:44 29 Nov 2015


Out of respect for the BW, you noticed, I hope, I targeted the HLI. I am sure sheep safely graze these days!

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