Serve your time at home

  Monoux 14:40 29 Nov 2007

Just seen on teletext that the Government are considering letting long term prisoners serve the tail end of their sentences at home. What deterent is that?
I expect the reason, as usual, is to save money. But what message does that send to the criminal fraternity?

The mind boggles

  Cymro. 15:26 29 Nov 2007

So apart from the deterrent factor, and assuming that they are not a danger to the public what point is there in keeping them in prison any longer?

They don`t call prison "the university of crime" for nothing.

  Pine Man 16:28 29 Nov 2007

'So apart from the deterrent factor, and assuming that they are not a danger to the public what point is there in keeping them in prison any longer?'

Shouldn't 'punishment' feature as well?

  Cymro. 17:22 29 Nov 2007

I think it is the taxpayer that gets punished not the criminal. Just think how much it costs to keep someone in prison. It does little good to keep them in any longer than is absolutely necessary. Get them out and in to jobs a.s.a.p. Community punishment and heavy fines that just have to be paid are much more affective as a punishment.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:47 29 Nov 2007

'Get them out and in to jobs a.s.a.p.' it is very difficult for offenders to get a job....., employers rely on trust with an employee and an offender doesn't really tick all the boxes.

'Community punishment' ...c'mon, let's be relistic, CS does not work, it costs a lot to run in money and manpower and it has no really tangible results.

'heavy fines that just have to be paid are much more affective as a punishment'...again realism is needed here many people that committ crimes do so because they are skint. They are unlikely to get jobs so the chance of repayment would be grim.

It is not as easy as it looks. The only way to address this situation is to make jails uncomfortable whichh means no TV and very limited movement outside the cells. I have worked extensively with Young Offenders and they look forward to going to Ashchurch et al., as they are actually better than their homes.

Of course the poncy freedom, right-on liberalists/human rights wallahs would be apoplectic at this harsh behaviour. Everyone is entitled to basic human rights but crime should remove this right and TVs, central heating and radios are not human rights.


  Blackhat 18:02 29 Nov 2007

'I think it is the taxpayer that gets punished' If any tax is saved by any changes, you wont get a refund, it will just be diverted to something else that someone else objects to.

  Bingalau 18:06 29 Nov 2007

It's not often that I agree with G. But he's on the right track here. Jails are too comfortable and the offenders don't mind going back inside. I often wonder why it costs such a lot to keep someone in jail. Maybe if they took away some of their comforts (I nearly said home comforts, but these yobs don't have any comforts at home), it wouldn't cost as much and they would think twice about going back inside. Three meals a day; TV; clothes; clean sheets etc. Some of these people must think they have died and gone to heaven.

  techie4me 18:28 29 Nov 2007

Sadly due to the european human rights act it is becoming harder to penalise those who are sent to prison.
Hard labour or tougher sentencing would be prefered, but as the prisons are over crowded someone has dreamed up this idea.

All ok until someone robs or mugs someone whilst serving their sentence at home!

  donki 18:33 29 Nov 2007

Tottally aggre with Gandalf, prisons should be alot less comforable, not saying in human, but just the basics.


I honestly cant believe ur attitude towards this, prison sentancing is not hard enough and certainly doesnt reflect the crime committed. If I had been say burgled i certainly would want who ever did it to serve every last second. Not just be "gounded" at home. Plus it seems hard enough to monitor wot offenders on parol are doing so letting more out early certainly wont improve this.

IMO a totally ludacris idea that woudlnt work in practice.

  sunny staines 18:49 29 Nov 2007

they do that in greenland, it saves shipping them to denmark.

  Forum Editor 19:13 29 Nov 2007

Prison should be a place that people dread going to. The regime should be harsh, the priviledges few and difficult to get. Prison work should be compulsory, and hard. It should be easier to get a parking meter in central London than to get drugs in a British prison.

Five years should mean five years, or four and a half years if your behaviour inside is exemplary.

Life should mean a minimum of twenty five years, with a discretion for judges to make it the remainder of your natural life for the most serious offences.

Do all of this, and watch the crime rate fall.

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