Serious incident reported in the Daily Mail today!

  Pine Man 11:59 30 Jan 2010

Front page. Two pages in the middle and two at the end. Five pages in total and the news - no not wars, famine or earthquake - a footballer has had an affair with a team mates girl friend!!!

  Forum Editor 12:06 30 Jan 2010

because a court injunction banning it from publishing the 'sensational news' was lifted yesterday.

Why the paper or its readers feel that something which happens on a daily basis is worthy of such a splash is beyond me, but no doubt the publishers will wallow in an orgy of self-congratulation, now that they've succeeded in being allowed to tell the nation that John Terry succumbed to an attractive woman's charms.

My milkman must be trembling in his trainers - he lingers over-long in a certain house near mine on occasion. He says he's having a cup of tea, but we're not fooled.

  Pine Man 12:13 30 Jan 2010

'He says he's having a cup of tea, but we're not fooled.'

Sounds like you have a 'scoop' to me. Try The News of The World!

  octal 12:32 30 Jan 2010

It would be a scoop to even see a milkman these days.

  sunnystaines 12:47 30 Jan 2010

what a waste who wants to read about a footballers affair.

  Forum Editor 13:01 30 Jan 2010

Who wants to read about a footballers affair?

Huge numbers of people would say they don't, and then pick up the paper and devour the salacious details. Human nature at work again.

He could be described as a serial cheater where women are concerned, and Vanessa Perroncel isn't exactly repellent, so it's hardly surprising that men fancy her. The news value is minimal apart from his footballing status, and the fact that she was the girlfriend of a team-mate. I have no vestige of sympathy for him or her, it's Terry's wife who deserves that.

  john bunyan 13:29 30 Jan 2010

" Huge numbers of people would say they don't " -a bit like those who say they dont watch Big Brother (like me) - then sneak a look sometimes.
I agree with the rest of your sentiments.

  skeletal 15:51 30 Jan 2010

John who??


  Bapou 17:35 30 Jan 2010

There was so much space given to this story I began to think Tony Blair at the Iraq Inquiry had been reduced to a couple of paragraphs.

  oldbeefer2 21:09 30 Jan 2010

And one of these overpaid footballers who was fined £1000 for speeding, asked for time to pay!

  Strawballs 22:37 30 Jan 2010

Say's it all about Daily Mail readers!

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