seperate partitions for pagefile and temp file

  david.h 19:38 20 Oct 2004

Had a discussion amongst friends re setting up a dedicated partition for the memory and another for temp files.
What are your views and experience of this I am considering giving it a go, I use XP PRO and have a 40gig drive, cash tight at present so can't buy a second drive at present.

  david.h 20:07 20 Oct 2004

That thread made good reading, I was going to keep everything in one patition bar the 2 I mentioned, I will have sort the wife out after xmas to squeeze 60 bigones out of the housekeeping she is a none IT person and considers it big boys toys.
Back to the topic will the pagefile memory be any faster on a seperate partition?

  Gosford 22:56 20 Oct 2004

I have my page file on a separate hard drive and it does not make much difference really. Luckily I didn't buy the secondhard drive specifically for this but just thoght I would give it a go.

Maybe you would be better of spending your £60 on more memory, in mt experience this makes a much bigger difference to performance than moving the page file.

  Forum Editor 00:03 21 Oct 2004

the page file, but if you're not planning to add a second drive soon I do advise one for data files.

  powerless 00:27 21 Oct 2004

NO page file.

But I do have 8 Partitions:

C: Home

D: Games

E: Downloads

F: Virtual Drives/Machines

G: Drive Image

H: Backup

I: Network

J: Unattended

Errr and 2 Hard Drives.

For [emphasise] own [/emphasise] reasons ;-)) It's Purely a personal thang.

  powerless 00:29 21 Oct 2004

But I see no speed increase, with partitioning or with / without a page file.

  david.h 05:09 21 Oct 2004

thanks for the great response, I'm now convinced to go do the seperate partitions

  david.h 20:46 22 Oct 2004

should read not to go and do the partitions

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