seperate partitions for pagefile and temp file

  david.h 19:38 20 Oct 2004

Had a discussion amongst friends re setting up a dedicated partition for the memory and another for temp files.
What are your views and experience of this I am considering giving it a go, I use XP PRO and have a 40gig drive, cash tight at present so can't buy a second drive at present.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:56 20 Oct 2004

With the power of today's computers I can see no logical reason to have partitions. 8 years ago it was a good idea but today........Get Regseeker and Ccleaner to clean out your HD and they will do much more than any attempt at partitioning....they are free as well.

Personally I feel it is much better to have a separate HD with an incremental, daily ghost of your maindrive so that if the drive fails you are OK. £60 will sort you out with an external HD and rather than mucking about with partitions, to no benefit, I would concentrate on saving like the clappers.


click here will give you an insight into the dullness of partitioning ;-)))))

  david.h 20:07 20 Oct 2004

That thread made good reading, I was going to keep everything in one patition bar the 2 I mentioned, I will have sort the wife out after xmas to squeeze 60 bigones out of the housekeeping she is a none IT person and considers it big boys toys.
Back to the topic will the pagefile memory be any faster on a seperate partition?

  gudgulf 21:39 20 Oct 2004

I think the answer is as GANDALF <|:-)> suggests>With modern fast computers this sort of fiddling does not make any difference.

I have tried it...but on my system windows was not a happy bunny,so I let the page file live on the c drive and windows was happy again.By all means try what you suggest ,it is the best way to find out after all.Let us know how you get on.

Happy tweaking.

  VoG II 22:28 20 Oct 2004

I also agree with GANDALF <|:-)>

There was a recent question in the helproom about this. I asked "why partition" and did not receive a satisfactory reply.

  Gosford 22:56 20 Oct 2004

I have my page file on a separate hard drive and it does not make much difference really. Luckily I didn't buy the secondhard drive specifically for this but just thoght I would give it a go.

Maybe you would be better of spending your £60 on more memory, in mt experience this makes a much bigger difference to performance than moving the page file.

  Forum Editor 00:03 21 Oct 2004

the page file, but if you're not planning to add a second drive soon I do advise one for data files.

  powerless 00:27 21 Oct 2004

NO page file.

But I do have 8 Partitions:

C: Home

D: Games

E: Downloads

F: Virtual Drives/Machines

G: Drive Image

H: Backup

I: Network

J: Unattended

Errr and 2 Hard Drives.

For [emphasise] own [/emphasise] reasons ;-)) It's Purely a personal thang.

  powerless 00:29 21 Oct 2004

But I see no speed increase, with partitioning or with / without a page file.

  david.h 05:09 21 Oct 2004

thanks for the great response, I'm now convinced to go do the seperate partitions

  david.h 20:46 22 Oct 2004

should read not to go and do the partitions

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