Selling my PC

  royalflush 04:03 15 Feb 2007

Not sure if this is the correct place to put this but iam sure if it isnt the "FE" would move it
Anyway iam selling this pc what iam on @ mo & i cant for the life of me come up with a figure so i need to ask all you what do u think
i bought it off a woman who had just bought it new from Comet 3 yrs ago for £1300 (Recipt to proove) her husband had ran off with another woman he met on the internet (Omg)& he told her to sell the pc & keep the money
i bought it for £300 as she was desperate @ the time & she was the one that told me how much she wanted so i wasnt trying to "Rip her off",anyway heres the Stats:

HP Pavilion 061 2.8ghz Pentium 4 with a optical cordless mouse & cordless keyboard (Both HP)

click here=
with a 17" TFT click here

printer is hp psc 2410 click here

speaker system is a Logitech Z3 click here

webcam is a Logitech Pro 5000 click here

The PC has got XP PRO (Genuine) & the only two "Mods" ive given it is a new GeForce4 MX 4000 256MB graphics card (4 weeks ago)click here & the other MOD is another 512 Ram stick making it have 1024 Mb of Ram,
its a very fast pc & never let me down but i need a pc that can handle multi tasking easyer,
ive never adjusted anything so its all factory set,nor has it been "Overclocked" or anything like it,The pc is in excellent condition ive still got all the boxes (mint cond) & all the instructions/recipts the only thing that is looking a bit warn is the mouse but works perfect...anyone got any suggestions PLEASE on a price i should be asking & is Ebay the answer...?
many thanks

  royalflush 04:29 15 Feb 2007

the webcam/speaker system & the Xp PRo i bought Separately, but all of the mentioned above is in with the price, i know its nearly 3 yrs old & the fact that you can get a new "Dual Core" pc for around £450.

  royalflush 08:17 15 Feb 2007

i wasnt expecting much do u think if i put it on Ebay for around £350 does that sound ok...??

  egapup 08:36 15 Feb 2007

You might get more by splitting up the componants and selling them seperately.

  Jackcoms 11:40 15 Feb 2007

"i wasnt expecting much do u think if i put it on Ebay for around £350 does that sound ok...??"

Divide that figure by 10 and you might be nearer the mark.

And, no, I'm not joking. You can buy a pretty decent brand new PC/laptop for £350 these days.

  lisa02 11:48 15 Feb 2007

Athlon 64 3700
2048 MB Ram,
2 dvd writers
2 160gb sata drives
256mb 6200 graphics
19i TFT Samsung
Gaming keyboard and mouse
WinXP Home
lots of extras.

I got £380.

  [email protected] 11:57 15 Feb 2007

Here are some BRAND NEW computers at a similar price:

Pentium D 2.8Ghz x 2
250GB Hd
Vista Home Premium
£399 - click here

Sempron 3400
160GB hd
15" TFT
Vista Home Basic
£299 - click here

Athlon X2 3800
160GB hd
XP Media Centre -> Vista Home Premium
£299 - click here

I think you may be better off selling some of the peripherals separately such as the webcam etc to maximise the money you make off it.

  royalflush 21:09 15 Feb 2007

many thankx for that i have a idea but realy thankx

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