Sell by date to be scrapped on Food

  birdface 10:15 15 Sep 2011

The government is scrapping the sell by date on food as we are wasting to much.

What is your opinion.

I know what my opinion is that it is another government blunder.

Unscrupulous shopkeepers selling old food as fresh, you can imagine the ampont of food poisoning going about.

The Supermarkets work it out themselves if food is going out of date they sell it at a cheaper price to get rid of it. And it is the same with tinned goods.

I just can't see why any Government should come up with a crazy idea as this.

So shops will still be able to charge you the full price for food even though they know it is not fit for human consumption.

  birdface 10:20 15 Sep 2011

I heard it on the news last night but conformation here.

  johndrew 10:24 15 Sep 2011

As I understand the rules, the important date is the 'Use By' date as this is the one beyond which food is 'at risk' (i.e. would possibly make you ill). The 'Sell By' date is supposed to indicate when the food is at its best for taste etc.

As for tinned food, I have little problem with doing away with dates altogether as provided the tin is in good condition (not dented/ruptured/rusty or similar) the contents would probably outlast the average human lifespan. Not that I'm saying that tinned food should be considered an heirloom :-))

  Quickbeam 10:26 15 Sep 2011

That common phrase will be much missed in general conversation, when putting something down...

  Aitchbee 10:42 15 Sep 2011

"The Supermarkets work it out themselves if food is going out of date they sell it at a cheaper price to get rid of it. And it is the same with tinned goods". About a third of my of my food purchases are items that are reduced in price by 75%.I've just had two small pies for my breakfast.Normal price 2 x £1.80. Cut down price 2 x 40p. I would not have bought them otherwise. Common sense,and being 'on your toes' when buying food, (and cooking and eating it) is what really matters.The pies were out of date by 10 hours.

  birdface 11:00 15 Sep 2011

(Defra) says five million tonnes of edible food is discarded by UK households annually.

They want to cut this down but as we do not throw good food out we throw bad food out will this not lead to an even higher amount of food being discarded.

I can see the sale of toilet rolls and sick leave going up apart from a few things that will go down unintentionally.

  birdface 11:12 15 Sep 2011

Maybe the old days when the Tins of corn beef used to open themselves has put me off from using tins past there sell by date.

I have eaten the contents of some tins just past there sell by date and it sort of puts you off not knowing if it is safe to do so.Somehow it does not taste the same it may just be your imagination or it may not.

Then of course you can always do the smell test before you cook it then regret it.

Will it cut down the amount of food thrown out.I doubt it.

  interzone55 11:23 15 Sep 2011

I think there needs to be a date on food, if only to ensure stock is properly rotated.

Canned goods will essentially last forever as long as the can is undamaged, once the inner protective layer is damaged though the contents will rapidly degrade.

The important date though is Use By, this date is when the food will most likely spoil, soft & unpasteurised cheeses have a Use By date, and many pork products as well, as they'll likely make you very ill if eaten after they've turned.

With most foods though it's pretty obvious when they're fresh or not, if they've gone furry or hard then bin them...

  Crosstrainer2 12:52 15 Sep 2011

They Say....Only if its safe to eat

Do we not know that?

  Crosstrainer2 12:58 15 Sep 2011

Going Back a number of years..If it wasn't fit to eat, you knew.

  wiz-king 14:16 15 Sep 2011

The 'sell by' date is practicaly meaningless as who'se to say how long it will sit on your shelves. You might eat it this week or it might sit there for a couple of weeks. Some weeks my sausages from the butcher grow a furry coat but they still taste OK.

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