seized Saudi tanker

  24/7 15:22 17 Nov 2008

This is becoming something of a joke, why dont they control the sea's more..?

click here

  johndrew 16:30 17 Nov 2008

Back in the good old days (gunboats, sails and all that) merchantmen were armed against these sorts of problems. Perhaps a 20mm Oerlikon click here cannon or two mounted on the decks of such ships would provide a surprise that would deter these nasty little thugs.

  Forum Editor 18:40 17 Nov 2008

on the high seas 450 nautical miles southeast of Mombasa. It's not easy to protect these vessels, but something is being done - the EU is sending a squadron of at least four,and possibly six warships to patrol the waters off Somalia, starting in December.

  24/7 19:45 17 Nov 2008

I'd hate to think what would happen if the pirate's scuttled it or on spite blew it up! imagine the oil slick & the enviromental issue's...

  Spark6 19:56 17 Nov 2008

When a ship like this is hijacked the owners' priorities are the safe return of their ship, its crew and the cargo. This is why so many ransoms are paid and why, when some owners refuse to negotiate, a number of ships are still being held.

I hate to think of the possible consequences should a gungho attempt be made to board and recover this vessel.

  johndrew 20:41 17 Nov 2008

`.. the EU is sending ..`

This is not the first time that piracy has occurred recently in these and other waters (something of horses and stable doors comes to mind). Added to this it is not easy to have a warship in easy reach of all susceptible vessels transiting these and other such areas - hence it is likely to be down to the master and crew to defend themselves especially as it is likely they will have been boarded by the time help arrives. Unless of course you are suggesting a preemptive strike against the perpetrators?

  laurie53 21:08 17 Nov 2008

'anarchic Somalia'

I was in Aden in the 50s when Somalia was still under French control, and the area, apart from Yemen, was relatively stable.

We regularly flew anti-piracy (and anti-slavery) patrols off the coast in this area.

  Spark6 23:19 17 Nov 2008

'hence it is likely to be down to the master and crew to defend themselves especially as it is likely they will have been boarded by the time help arrives.'

This ship's 'defence' is likely to comprise of one revolver, locked up in the Captain's quarters, and several high pressure sea-water hose connections on deck!

These defences are adequate against the bum-boats in the Suez but not against these terrorists/pirates.

  Forum Editor 23:25 17 Nov 2008

The warships will patrol to act as a deterrent, and they won't be alone - there will be supporting air cover as well, making it easier to track vessels through the area.

Pre-emptive strikes against pirates? I don't see that happening; you're not a pirate until you engage in piracy.

  ronalddonald 00:28 18 Nov 2008

do we know that these pirates are not supporting terrorism in some way, if it can be proven then we could have case to take the pirates out, may be we should send captain Pug Wash and his crew, i wonder if the bbc banned it after they found what the crew were called,

  ronalddonald 00:29 18 Nov 2008

say the crews names in case i offend the FE

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