Seems to be a Dearth of Tradespeople.

  morddwyd 09:39 15 Jan 2016

My local council subscribes to a "trusted trader" scheme, and wanting a small repair to my cooker I accessed the scene.

I was stunned to discover that no trader can be trusted to carry out "Domestic Appliance Repair" within 100 miles!

Since this includes Dundee, Perth, the whole of Edinburgh and most of Greater Glasgow it doesn't say much for the integrity of local traders .

In fact, of course, it's a commercial operation and probably costs, but should the council be doing such a disservice to local businesses?

I wonder what the call out rate is from Carlisle or Newcastle?

  BT 08:46 18 Jan 2016

Practically everything I've ever bought has lasted 8-10 years, so all those warranties would have paid for a new machine.

Following up on that I bought an 'extended warranty' on a Freezer many years ago. It wasn't very expensive, about £12 a year. It wasn't until about 11 years later that I found that the insurance company reduced the value of the item by 10% each year so it actually got more expensive pro rata and they didn't inform me that after 10 years I was paying for a policy that would not pay out anything. Probably my own fault to a certain extent in that I hadn't read all the small print but a bit underhand on their part in that they would continue to take money for a useless policy.

  morddwyd 09:13 18 Jan 2016

All that's wrong with the cooker is that the igniter doesn't work on the top oven. Unfortunately I can no longer get down to light it manually.

I wouldn't think of scrapping a five year old cooker because one oven is not usable, particularly when the grill, in the same compartment, works perfectly well.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:31 18 Jan 2016

could be a simple problem such as wire come loose oe igniter dirty or just needs bending into a better position.

Something that is easily checked when we are younger and more supple but becomes impossible for us and expensive as we get older :0(

  cruiser2 13:19 18 Jan 2016

There are two local companies we have used. One has serviced our vacuum cleaners which included fitting new filters. I could not get them out otherwise I would have done it. Cost about £20.00 including parts. The other firm re-fixed the top heating element in the top oven of a double oven. It needed two new screws and I couldn't find the holes. £10.00 for the job in cash.

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