"See You, Jimmy"

  Seth Haniel 09:12 18 Feb 2009

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A lamb was seen head-butting a golden eagle, one of Scotland's largest birds of prey, according to a new report on island birdlife.

  oresome 10:02 18 Feb 2009

I wouldn't have thought it unusual for lambs or sheep to ward off any unwelcome visitor with a head butt.

Glasgow Kiss is the term used for the human equivalent I believe.

Off at a complete tangent, but reminded by the title, I read that the murder rate in Scotland is one of the highest per capita in Europe and rising.

  Ranger 13:48 18 Feb 2009

Oresome that wouldn't surprise me, when I was growing up in Glasgow there seemed to be very few murders and certainly no one that I knew but it seems to happen on a regular basis now and unfortunately I seem to now know a few of the victims, one was my cousins boy another my son's girlfriends brother and another lad I played football to name the closest, and what seems to be at the root of it, kids carrying knives, these 3 lads were stabbed to death.

the courts really need to come down hard on folk carrying knives and I don't think it would go wrong to up the min term for a life sentence

  Ranger 13:50 18 Feb 2009

Seth, apologies for hi jacking your thread

  Seth Haniel 16:04 18 Feb 2009

i'll set my lamb on you

he he ;)

  laurie53 20:42 18 Feb 2009

That hasn't done some of the islanders many favours.

They are seeking compensation because of the number of lambs taken by eagles.

Looks like they'll now be taken to court by the RSPB - it's an offence to disturb breeding eagles!

  Legolas 21:14 18 Feb 2009

They should smear the lambs with mint sauce, eagles don't like mint sauce :))

  Seth Haniel 08:05 19 Feb 2009

Don't think the lambs would be tha keen either ;)

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