See the storms approaching

  Graham* 10:24 27 Jul 2013
  muddypaws 16:46 31 Jul 2013

The only problem is that it requires Java.

I often used the site until I got rid of Java a month or so back.

Maybe Java is safe now.

  cream. 18:25 31 Jul 2013

Same here. I ditched Java quite awhile ago.

Also block java script, which is totally different, for this site.

  Forum Editor 19:03 31 Jul 2013

Not a storm in sight at the moment.

  Forum Editor 19:10 31 Jul 2013


I have used Java for a very long time without any problems at all. If I stopped using software every time there was a scare story I wouldn't be using a computer at all.

It's all about risk assessment, and I have assessed the risk (in my case)as being extremely low.

Javascript is a different animal, as mentioned by cream. It's used by most popular websites, including ours. There are security risks associated with any software which is used in an online context, but I've never experienced any problems,and we have received no reports of security issues with our site from any of our forum members.

  namtas 20:57 31 Jul 2013

Forum Editor

Never the less there are many who feel that Java is more open to risk than it should be, and therefore the risk of using it out ways its usefulness. Maybe you have just been lucky or just more careful of sites which you visit. As for justification, why would users necessary report a Java problem to IDG ?

I don't necessarily prescribe to all which is American but I do feel that when the The United States Homeland Security Department issues a stern warning as they did this week to all their computer users to disable it, then there maybe a reason that lucky or not maybe we all should take heed.

  Forum Editor 22:40 31 Jul 2013


"why would users necessary report a Java problem to IDG ?"

They wouldn't, but they would undoubtedly report javascript problems. Don't forget, you're talking about two different things here.

  rdave13 22:57 31 Jul 2013

I'm another one that doesn't have Java installed. Except for sites linked to here I don't miss it at all. Now the children's laptops need Java for Animal Jam game and various others. So I keep a wary (or is that a weary) eye on matters.

  namtas 09:50 01 Aug 2013

Forum Editor

I was well aware that Java script is an entirely different issue, it was cream who introduced the script issue, by way of a comment. I am supporting muddypaws caution, patches to Java have left it vulnerable on a number of occasions and confidence could be better. The advice from some areas is "if you don't really need it, remove it. And if you do use it, use it with caution or restrict it to one browser for that sole purpose.

  spuds 10:20 01 Aug 2013

Back to the subject of storms, it would appear that the weather is still very unsettled, or at least around my neck of the woods. Fine and sunny one day, absolutely bucketing it down the next.

What as come to the public's attention in my area, is the large amounts of money that was being used in flood prevention, not that there was much of a problem previously. Now some of the areas that were suppose to have been protected are now having flash floods, which are costing £thousands in insurance claims and loss of property and trade.

Quite a number of people are now complaining about new housing developments that are the blame for this sudden problem. Areas that should not be built on, are now being granted planning permission, even after petitions were undertaken in the first instances. The governments are stating more housing must be built to accommodate all those here already and for others due. But can we really carry on like this?.

  Graham* 10:24 01 Aug 2013

Someone should do something about all this rain.

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