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  morddwyd 07:44 25 Jan 2011

An unusual request, and I'm not even sure if the FE will allow it, but if someone can yellow envelope me a solution he might leave it up for a day.

When we got back from T K Maxx over the weekend we found that two of our dozen or so purchases still had the security tags attached. Don't know why they didn't trigger as we left, particularly since my wife's mobility scooter often triggers the alarm in this particular store.

No problem going back to the store to get them removed, of course, as we still have the receipt, but it's fifty miles and since the combined total is less than a tenner, with fuel prices the way they are I would like a more cost effective solution!

Any suggestions as how to get them off?

  natdoor 08:43 25 Jan 2011

I imagine that these tags all work in the same way. You could try visiting a local shop who, having heard your story and seen your receipt, might do it for you, possibly after contacting TKMaxx.

However, the receipt does not necessarily tell the whole story. Someone less honest than you might have paid for one item and stolen an identical item as well.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:53 25 Jan 2011

It is no great secret and I thought it was widely known...just Google 'remove security tags' and there are a few different ways. Having had to remove security tags left on garments many times, I favour the two pliers method but hey ho.


  interzone55 08:55 25 Jan 2011

Be careful removing the tags yourself, as some contain a dye bubble that bursts if you try to force the tag.

I suggest a trip to another clothes store, but you may need to visit a couple as not all tagging systems work the same way, I think TK Maxx use a magnet and clamp to open their tags...

  morddwyd 10:50 25 Jan 2011

Thank you all.

  KremmenUK 12:11 25 Jan 2011

The type used by M&S need to be attacked with a Dremmel.

I buzz the plastic head off with the nail cutting tool to reveal the parts.

Twice recently they've left these on and they haven't set off the store alarms.

Like you I don't see why I should make a lengthy round trip.

  sunnystaines 16:10 25 Jan 2011

why dot just phone them and get advice over the phone

  Bingalau 19:37 25 Jan 2011

I didn't know that there were dummy tags. So thanks for that information. If I were the thieving kind I would find it even more informative.

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