security sensor lamp

  rickf 10:34 10 Jun 2012

Hi All, I have a sensor lamp outside my house which has stopped working. Been told that I need to replace the whole lamp and cannot just replace the bulb. Is this true?Thanks

  amonra 10:40 10 Jun 2012

The lamps/tubes are easily available from Poundshop or similar. Usually one screw at the top of the lamp unit, undo, and push the old tube to the left or right to extract, and replace with the new one. Easy peasy. Make sure the electric supply is turned off first ! The dud tube can usually be recognised by the black deposit inside the glass. If that doesn't do the trick then a complete new unit is needed.

  rickf 11:08 10 Jun 2012

This lamp has'nt got a tube but uses a round bulb. So are you saying I don't have to change the whole lamp if it is not faulty?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:23 10 Jun 2012

Obviously depends on what is wrong

lamps can be changed as they are an expendable item.

However sometimes the movement or light sensor fails and is non replaceable.

  spuds 11:37 10 Jun 2012

You are probably using a 60w standard bulb type unit with a sensor attachment fitted into a 'lantern' type system?.

Check the bulb, if okay, then hold your hand or anything suitable, so as to block out the light from the sensor unit, which might be a pin hole or something much larger. If the light doesn't come on, then its the sensor or light wiring faulty. Due to the cheapness of these items, best to then replace with new.

If its a big bulb type (possibly 2 bulbs) pointing in different directions, then replace the whole lot, the replacement bulbs can be expensive.

Have a look at Screwfix or Toolstation

  rickf 18:12 10 Jun 2012

Thanks that's really helpful spuds. Will check when it's not raining.You're right its the latern type and it lookos like a 60w ordinary bulb. Only moved in here last year so had no occasion to fiddle with it b4.

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