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Security concerns - various

  BT 18:02 04 May 2018

I got a letter in the post yesterday addressed to a name I didn't recognise, at my address. The letter was from a Specsavers outlet in London (I live in Norwich) telling Mr XXX that it was time for his eye test. The address was completely correct including the postcode. I have only ever used Specsavers once at least 14 years ago so how my address has been linked to the other person in London I don't know. I phoned Specsavers but they could offer no explanation.

My second concern is about Credit Cards. I received two new Credit Cards today from Tesco Bank. The letter to which they were attached had my CC Number printed on the top with the middle 8 numbers replaced with X's, which seems somewhat pointless with the cards stuck to the paper directly below, with the message "You can begin using your pre activated cards immediately". The only hint of security is that I need to use the cards for a PIN transaction so that "We know that you have the Cards" before I can use the contactless feature.

  Forum Editor 11:09 08 May 2018


"If you make a transaction, in a shop, for over £30 don't you have to enter your pin because £30 and under is the limit for contactless."

Yes, all purchases over £30 in value require a PIN entry.

  Forum Editor 11:11 08 May 2018

"I used my new card details yesterday for my online grocery order and it was accepted after the usual Mastercard Verification check. I haven't used the card since I received it so a PIN transaction hasn't occurred."

But you were prompted by the verification check? That normally requires a password (at least it does with my Mastercard).

I'm beginning to think that I misunderstood this - I thought when you said you received 'new' cards you meant an entirely new card account. Now I can see that you probably meant replacement cards for an existing account - they wouldn't require a PIN transaction before being used online because you already have a verification password. The PIN transaction is therefore purely for contactless use.

  BT 17:35 08 May 2018

..but you were prompted by the verification check?

In actual fact No. When you check out on Tesco's home shopping site the verification goes through automatically. You just have to wait while it does so, just a few seconds normally. Additionally you have to be a registered customer with your card and Clubcard registered so they have all your details.

My original point was about the anomaly in that the cards were attached to a letter with the card/account number disguised while the numbers on the cards are openly displayed. Just a bit pointless as I see it. Of course when you get your monthly bill the card number is printed in full on the top of it anyway.

  bumpkin 20:36 08 May 2018

Nothing ie 100% safe I had an Amex card That I only used for petrol at the same garage. Even though I had the card in my pocket somebody ran up £4000 on it in a few days. Amex sorted it but I could have done without the hassle.

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