Second Hand Hearses?

  Quickbeam 13:10 21 May 2007

An amusing thought occurred to me this morning whilst passing the local crematorium.
Two funeral parties were hanging around waiting their turn while one was just coming out... all the hearses were nearly new ( must be some good money in death!), so what happens to all the hearses over two or three years old?
I know of one person locally that uses one as a giant estate car, and another firm of undertakers that uses 1950's Austin Princess hearses.
So where are all the 2nd hand hearses sent to for disposal???

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:32 21 May 2007
  Ontrack 13:32 21 May 2007

We are looking to attract drivers over for the "All Hearse Meeting" Nutts Corner 10th June, which was a great success last year.

The fact is you can race any type of a hearse, be it a Caddy or a Granny!

Empty of course!


  Quickbeam 13:42 21 May 2007

That's a lot of hearses for sale... can't say I've come across many 'not on duty'!

  amonra 14:02 21 May 2007

Re-hearse ?

There's a gag there somewhere.

  wee eddie 14:54 21 May 2007

Students used to think it quite cool to drive a hearse. I knew 3 that drove hearses, 1 that had an ex-army Ambulance (quite a cool machine that was) and 5 of my Naval friends communally owned a Fire Engine.

  Totally-braindead 17:01 21 May 2007

When my dad learned to drive, about 60 years or so ago there weren't a lot of cars about and they were relatively expensive.

The first car he ever got offered was an ex hearse, the coffin area had been decked out with seats so really from what he says it was like a Mark One people carrier. But I presume from the way he described it that it was obvious what the cars previous occupation had been.

He says it was a lovely car and he thought it would be ideal, and the price was right. My mum did not agree and said there was no way she was getting in that for another 50 years at least regardless of the price, condition and the large amount of seating. She'd rather walk.

So he never got it and ended up with something a bit more normal.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:33 21 May 2007

'In the Sixties Students used to think it quite cool to drive a hearse'..ironic that they will be preparing to travel in one again..... for the last time.


  Alan H E 17:50 21 May 2007

I seem to remember that a greengrocer used one for selling door to door.

  Totally-braindead 18:13 21 May 2007

Bet he was dead busy.

I'm sorry, I feel ashamed that I couldn't resist saying that. I must fight the urge to make poor jokes.

  Monoux 18:16 21 May 2007

T_B -- Don't be sorry it made me laugh and given the day I've had believe me that was going to take some doing

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