Seasons Greetings

  ella33 10:51 07 Dec 2011

Just to say hello and Happy Christmas, in case I don't make it here, to post anyway before then!

I did post quite a lot in the early part of the year and recognise many of your names, so it seemed worth a quick catch up.

I still have a look at the emails and sometimes tweets and catch up with pc information that way, which is interesting and useful. Occasionally, I have a quick look at the forums but actually had some computer problems and hadn't got used to the new style forums, so I haven't joined in.

Over the last few months, life has been quite busy, with moving house and my part time course is in the final year now, which is good but hectic at times. I proudly announce I have become a great aunty twice in the last few months, so ther have been lots of happy times :-)

I hope everyone here is well and do post a reply if you would like to share your news too.

Thanks PC Advisor, for being here and it's good to see you all again

  ella33 10:58 07 Dec 2011

Oh and to add... I have made a New Year Resolution to pop here once weekly to see ID Longshot as I think about it each Friday and haven't made it here for a while!

  rdave13 11:16 07 Dec 2011

Congratulations and season's greeting. As for New Year resolutions I've given up on them :)

  Brumas 12:40 07 Dec 2011

ella33, I am indeed honoured and do hope that you will eventually crack one yourself if you haven't done so already - I don't keep a tally or any records so I wouldn't know ;o{

My compliments of the season to you also.

  ella33 13:04 07 Dec 2011

No I haven't but I have guessed the general area corrctly, twice I think. But it is good fun and interesting too. :-)

I'm finding myself taken to and from facebook, now which is slowing the forum down! Will need to investigate how to prevent that!

  Bingalau 14:39 07 Dec 2011

elle33. Get rid of facebook?

  ella33 14:46 07 Dec 2011

Lol, I'd hate to stop Mark Zuccerman, or whatever his name is from being a multi billionaire! But even on a lesser scale, a forum that closed with lots of friends on it all moved to facebook. And there's lots of family pics there, too. But I only have pcadvisor on at the moment and so far I haven't been sent hrling over to facebook. I've been run down by a little blue credit card though!

  Bingalau 14:58 07 Dec 2011

ella33. I got rid of Facebook because I told off a young relative for her comments about her sexual life. I said it was not the place to discuss such things. She then told me to F... O.. in no uncertain terms. So I did. I think Facebook allows things to happen which cause offence in more ways than that too.

Oh yes, it was one of my nieces and if her mother were to know about it all hell would be let lose. So I keep shtumm about it although other family members know about it. My sister in law, her mother, wouldn't approve at all. She's an old stick in the mud like me.

  ella33 15:40 07 Dec 2011

Hmmm yes, I am surprised at some relatives, especially one nephew of 20 now but I am wondering how much is showing off with his friends, so I just hide his posts for now What has shocked me more is the way some people use facebook to slag off some family members, after all while online why not ask them about it. If you would like it if a family member came over on sunday, or after work sometimes, then surely facebook is a good place to ask them, not slag them off to other friends because they haven't been over lately! It's a perfectly good tool of communication, so why not use it positively.

But some people can be pains, one inlaw actually made a racial attack on one of my friends who is a Jew, so I've just blocked that person from seeing my statuses so I can still chat to Jake but it is true that if it weren't for the usefulness of sharing photos and some of the old friends I met, I don't think I would bother with it for the family shenanigans!

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