laurie53 07:18 21 Aug 2007

Having just posted about autumn I now find I have apple blossom on one of my trees (J B will be pleased)!

So I have an apple tree with well formed fruit on it, not ripe but swelling nicely, and also lovely bright spring fresh blossom.

Any botanists out there with an explanation?

I would think it pretty unlikely they'll get pollinated!

  Diemmess 10:12 21 Aug 2007

Good suggestion fourm member.
My wife is the source of all garden knowledge here, but I get hints and overspill from experts.

Many wonder why a beloved new plant doesn't flower, and the Experts often reply "You are being too kind to it, helping it to grow"

Advice - starve it, neglect it, in other words stress it a little and force it to face the fact that it needs to produce some seed and now is better than later.

Our plums are old and currently losing whole boughs of ripening fruit. Self pruning?

  bretsky 10:47 21 Aug 2007

I have an ornamental cherry tree(Prunus Pandora) approx 18 years old and every year it produces lovely pink blossom in mid spring, but this year it was absolutely stunning, best I had ever seen it, it looked like stick of candy floss, beautiful, and when the blossom fell it gave a bumper crop of seeds (Fruit) inedible of course, but soon after that when I was expecting the tree to go into leaf it didn't, well it has, but the leaves are very small and the tree looks ill with lots of dead branches/twigs, so maybe this was its last ditch attempt to produce an abundant amount of seeds before it dies.....only time will tell. I don't' know whether it was caught by the winds that we had earlier in the south east or what.

  TopCat® 11:12 21 Aug 2007

That is spot on advice which I heard our local radio gardener mention only this last weekend. When you really think about the life cycle of plants then it is fairly obvious, though most plant lovers, myself included, tend to believe in being overly kind to them! :o) TC.

  Quickbeam 11:36 21 Aug 2007

I have a patio Magnolia that is threatening to come into flower again... it's all to pot!

  amonra 15:07 21 Aug 2007

There are flowers on my linoleum all year round !

  TopCat® 15:24 21 Aug 2007

Tread carefully, amonra! :o) TC.

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