Seagate now up to 750GB

  bremner 15:24 29 Apr 2006

The new perpendicular technology is pushing hard drive capacity ever upwards at a faster rate.

click here

  johndrew 15:33 29 Apr 2006

I wish I could learn about PCs & XP as fast as they can increase HDD size!!!

  [DELETED] 16:05 29 Apr 2006

I find myself wondering just how I would use so much space, I currently have a pair of 36GB WD Raptors around 60% full.

Back in 1997 I was working for a firm servicing Dell laptops. At that time the first 5GB 2.5" Seagate HDDs started to appear for servicing and we wondered then how anyone could need such a big drive. My work laptop then had an 810MB drive with about 250MB used.

  [DELETED] 16:19 29 Apr 2006

In total I have 291gig (2x160g hdds - recovery partition) capacity available and I only use 107gig. Even then the 107 could be less as I don't delete stuff that I don't use anymore.

With these new video formats and even bigger games these new huge hdds will soon fill up. Games are taking 5gig roughly each now!

  [DELETED] 16:29 29 Apr 2006

I'll probably wait until they release a 1tb hdd then get a new one, right now I only have 6gb left out of 80gb. Last night I backuped my whole Lord of the Rings collection and it was a whopping 17gb, I manged to get it down to 14gb by taking out the extra languages and menu's but it's still enormous.

  [DELETED] 00:31 30 Apr 2006

1TB drives exist!!!

click here

I need one myself, My backup drive is 40GB.

I can remember people getting excited over 1GB drives years back.

How times have changed.

  bremner 09:00 30 Apr 2006

Your link describes the perpendictular technology that will allow drives with a 1TB capacity. It does not say the drive is currently available.

The 750GB from Seagate uses perpendicluar technology.

  [DELETED] 09:53 30 Apr 2006

I guess as digital media becomes more and more PC based, the demand for larger drives in the consumer market will increase. As HAOL demonstrated, it wouldn't take that many movies to fill up a HDD.

  [DELETED] 10:07 30 Apr 2006

Makes you wonder where it's all going to end, i remember upgrading to a 128 spectrum, happy days.

  [DELETED] 21:49 30 Apr 2006

It's getting harder to back the data we have on the present range of optical drives though, roll on the new range of DVD drives - Blu-ray etc, pity that yet again we have two competing systems.

  [DELETED] 01:18 01 May 2006

sorry bremner didnt read it thoroughly but im sure i read somewhere that a 1TB drive is in existence.

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