Sea Levels

  Terry Brown 13:56 22 Apr 2010

I live in Tilbury , Essex and part of my (work) daily round is to monitor Sea level (River Thames) at a slice gate.

I have noticed since early March a drop in the Tides (Difference between high & low).

Pre March High tide was around 4.3 (foot) and Low tide was around 2.7' (foot), dependent on rainfall and other local factors.

The Tide levels are now running at High 2.8' and Low 1.11', dispite no abnormal weather conditions, and the Sea Tide is about 1 metre further away fron the shore than it used to be.

If you live near a 'Tidal' area, have you noticed a difference, if so please let me know.
Thank you

  Woolwell 14:15 22 Apr 2010

If you look at the Port of London Live tides page click here and select Tilbury you will see that they reckon that difference currently is .07 of a metre.

  WhiteTruckMan 14:30 22 Apr 2010

when someone uses an apparent decimal point in a feet & inches measurement.

4.3 foot. Is that 4 feet 3 inches or 4 four and 3/10ths of a foot?


  wiz-king 14:57 22 Apr 2010

You need new glasses *grin* The inches have a ' mark.

  smartpoly 15:57 22 Apr 2010

I thought 4 foot 3 inch would read 4’3’’
Single mark for feet double for inches?

  morddwyd 20:15 22 Apr 2010

Is there not a difference between spring and neap tides?

  john bunyan 20:42 22 Apr 2010

As morddwyd says there are monthly variations in the range of the tide (Difference between high and low water - the biggest range occurs at springs and the smallest at neaps. In addition there are seasonal variations too.See Here:
click here

Have you a copy of the Tide tables for your area? These will show the details.
All tidal heights are measured from the mean low water Springs at Newlyn.

  john bunyan 20:45 22 Apr 2010

Also see here:
click here

  Woolwell 22:29 22 Apr 2010

A period of high pressure which we are currently experiencing will have the effect of lower tides but not to the extent that Terry Brown indicated. Similarly low pressure results in higher tides and and since this is associated with storms and wind driven higher seas we are more used to that effect than lower tides. Low pressure, storms and a spring tide can and do cause flooding.

  Terry Brown 07:19 23 Apr 2010

I have been observing the sluice gate levels for approx 4 years, and it's normal level (High Tide)is between 4' (48") and 4'7" (55") throughout the year. February was exceptional due to the heavy rain when it reached 4'11" (59").

Low Tide previous to March this year was never lower than 3'(36"), even in periods of prolonged dry weather.

Woolwell-- If you notice on that chart they are 'Predictions', what I am seeing is actual changes.

WTM Sorry about your confusion, but that is how we note then down (4.3 = 4 feet and 3 inches).

All I am saying is that these do not conform to the normal pattern for Tilbury


  Al94 08:44 23 Apr 2010

Interesting, could it indicate a massive shift in seabed floor somewhere?

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