SD card will keep data for 100 years

  peter99co 22:55 24 Jun 2010

click here

I wonder if there will be machines still around to read the data?

  Big L 266 08:30 25 Jun 2010


peter99co.....In a 100 years time (in 2110)I would be celebrating my 156th birthday! I don't believe I'll be here by then. I'd wager technology in 2110 will be so far removed from that of 2010, computers and storage (as we currently know them) will be unrecognisable and probably unplayable.

Mr.Forum Editor....peter99cos' thread would make a great article for a future edition of PCA in which all of you, (and us in here), could speculate about what computer life would be like in a special 2110 edition contained within a 2010 version. A worthy article methinks!

Big L 266

  Kevscar1 08:38 25 Jun 2010

One more thing for government employees to lose.

  ronalddonald 10:11 25 Jun 2010

thats the sort of thing the forensic teams need when on crime scenes

  jack 14:26 25 Jun 2010

There will no one around to prove them wrong

Moreover it is equally highly likely that at some future date folk will consider the late 20th- 21 C. as a dark age where little is known about what went on in the mysterious ruins they will come across.

  ronalddonald 14:44 25 Jun 2010

Question really is Will you be alive then to see if the claims are true that you can access the pictures or your great grandcildren

  Forum Editor 23:16 25 Jun 2010

It's an interesting notion, but the problem is, none of us would have the slightest clue about how technology will develop in 100 years.

Had someone asked people in 1910 to predict the way that technology would have developed by 2010 I am pretty sure that not one person would have mentioned personal computers.

Technological advances happen at a phenomenal rate, and it's speeding up - when the digital electronics breakthrough was made it was like handing us the keys to the kingdom. There could be no stopping us, and if you look at how far we've come, even in the last ten years you'll realise that predicting the way things will be 50 years from now is virtually impossible, never mind 100 years.

  Kevscar1 07:17 26 Jun 2010

I can certainly predict one thing.
In 100 yrs time news reporters will still be saying. This is the best english team for a long time. We really have a good chance of winning the World Cup this year.

  Big L 266 09:14 26 Jun 2010


Forum Editor....Indeed none of us have a clue as to how technology will be in a hundred years,but wouldn't it be just fun to speculate though?There is something inherent about speculation which exercises the imagination of people like you and me. I like science-fiction and many things speculated in the past have or are about to become nearer reality.I never thought I'd ever own a computer six years ago and I'd certainly never dreamed all 40,000 music tracks I owned on 1800 cds would fit on a disc no bigger than a cd itself.

Kevscar....In 100 years time we'll still be reminiscing about how we last won the World Cup back in 1966!Ouch!If I'm floating around on a cloud with my celestial banjo,I'll have a look in and see how we do in case we actually score a goal!

Meanwhile back to Brian Matthews 'Sounds Of The 60s' on my ancient portable FM tranny!He's playing a Bill Kenwright track from 1968 called 'Tiggy' right now!

Big L 266

  peter99co 19:02 28 Jun 2010

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