Screen Protectors.

  Chronos the 2nd 12:28 08 Jun 2013

Anyone got a sure fire and simple way of putting a screen protector on a tablet? Recently bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and this morning took delivery of a case which also came with a screen protector, which I might add is now in the bin. I cannot seem to get all the bubbles of air out.

It was the same with the Nexus 7, I bought a pack of 5 protectors and finally on the fourth one got it sorted.

So any advice eagerly wanted.

  Quickbeam 12:37 08 Jun 2013
  Chronos the 2nd 12:57 08 Jun 2013

That's interesting. Unfortunately in my frustration I have destroyed the only protector I had. But I will definitely try that method.Cheers.

  rickf 13:22 08 Jun 2013

Just hold down the edge and then let it fall naturally and slowly onto the screen. Don't try to smooth it with your fingers on the way down too much.

  onthelimit1 15:28 08 Jun 2013

Used to use Fablon to cover maps. The only way to do it without bubbles was to start at one edge and smooth the film down with finger/duster towards the far edge. Crap at first, but after 30 yrs of practise, smooth and bubble free!

  T0SH 15:44 08 Jun 2013

In my experience screen protectors pick up even more dirt and fingerprints than the glass does , so now I just carry a microfibre cleaning cloth with me and give it a good polish up now and then

after a few years of use I have never yet managed to scratch a glass screen although I will admit to dropping and breaking one or two in the past

Cheers HC

  Woolwell 15:56 08 Jun 2013

onthelimit1 - That brought back lots of memories of fablon and the correct way to fold maps too. Think that I used to use a ruler.

I too use a microfibre cleaning cloth.

  martd7 16:10 08 Jun 2013

One of my previous jobs was as a vinyl applicator so as you can imagine any bubbles and the clients job was ruined if we use used self adhesive permanent pvc The technique we used was only to take a small part of the backing off and work on the small area pushing it flat with a "bank card" as you slowly peel the backing off Like this

  wiz-king 16:11 08 Jun 2013

It's much more fun filming a bathroom window with decorative film but same method applies.

  Batch 17:11 08 Jun 2013

Most decent tablets have a pretty hard screen and really no need for protective film. Just clean with a lint free cloth (e.g. spectacle cloth) dampened with spectacle cleaner or the like. Also using stylus makes an enormous difference in keeping the crap of the screen (and is much more precise than a fat digit).

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