The Scotts vote

  sunnystaines 20:00 09 Jan 2012

I would like to see scotland stay in great britan, but I also feel if the majority of them want independence like eire then they should have a yes or no vote now and get it over and done with.

If they won a vote for idep scotland would the EU have to step in and fund them if london stopped all finance it gives them, i cannot see how they could survive financially on their own otherwise they would be doing it now.

  Bingalau 20:15 09 Jan 2012

I think the Scots will vote for Independence now that Mr Cameron has put his foot in it by telling them they can't do it without his say so.... They are a stubborn lot. So telling them what they can and cannot do will really get their backs up. It may even get their kilts up if they decide to give us the "Bum's rush".. I would have thought that with a name like Cameron that there must be a bit of Scottish blood somewhere in him. So can't understand his attitude.

Mind you the opposite could apply, I have a lot of Scottish Friends and as they all live on the south coast of England, they may not fancy having to get back north of the border.

Poor old Macscouse will have to return to Liverpool... I don't think he will fancy that either as he has now "Gone Native" up there. (All this is T.I.C. by the way).

  wee eddie 20:19 09 Jan 2012

It has everything to do with ideology.

If Dave can get the Scots out (by the way, that's how you spell it) England will have a Conservative Government for the next couple of decades, at the very least.

  Al94 20:29 09 Jan 2012

If the North Sea oil revenue becomes Scotland's own in the event of independence, then Scotland would be in surplus and require no outside input. There would of course be a danger in relying on income from such a volatile source.

  morddwyd 20:31 09 Jan 2012

At the time of Salmond's landslide victory the general consensus was that 70% of Scots were opposed to independence - they voted for change, not independence.

That's why Salmond said, and has always maintained, that the referendum would be in the second half of the Parliament; he hoped it would give him more time to persuade people.

Cameron is certainly helping him along that path!

However, I'll repeat what I said here at the time of the election (and remember I'm a Nationalist, but not a Scots one), it won't happen in my lifetime, and maybe not in Alex salmond's.

  morddwyd 20:57 09 Jan 2012

Small light hearted aside from an STV newsreader

"In a country where there are more pandas than Tory MPs, it's a gamble for the Prime Minister to wade in."

(For those who may have missed it, two pandas recently arrived at Edinburgh Zoo)

  sunnystaines 20:57 09 Jan 2012

now would the thousands of scots living in wales, ulster or england go for scots passports or british ones. and the same scenario for brits living in scotland.

  Flak999 21:09 09 Jan 2012

I think it would be a great shame to see Scotland break the union, we have so much shared history together (not all of it happy admittedly) but if they want to go then let them go.

  Flak999 21:22 09 Jan 2012

fourm member

Don't worry. They don't want to go.

I hope you are right! If that is the case why is Salmond so keen on a referendum? He must know that if he loses the vote the question will be settled for the foreseeable future?

  Flak999 22:31 09 Jan 2012

fourm member

It will be an interesting few years ahead, to see which way this issue plays out! It seems like a dangerous game to play for the SNP if you are saying that they talk the talk of independance but they really wish for just more fiscal powers to be devolved to Holyrood?

Personally, I cannot see what the Scott's think they will gain by full independence.

  Forum Editor 22:41 09 Jan 2012

"If they won a vote for idep scotland would the EU have to step in and fund them if london stopped all finance it gives them"

The EU would do nothing of the kind, because Scotland wouldn't be an EU member state. Scotland would have to apply for membership, and one of the conditions the EU would attach to the application would be an undertaking to adopt the Euro.

I refuse to believe that the majority of Scottish people want that kind of independence.

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