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Scottish Tories in Total Disarray

  morddwyd 19:59 30 Jul 2020

I choose the thread title deliberately so that there is no doubt what the thread is about!

The leader of the Scottish Conservatives, Jackson Carlaw, has resigned after just six months in the post,

Regulars will know of my opinion that he has the charisma of an enema and the debating skills of a teaspoon!

It appears the members of his party agree, as the genera' consensus is that he was pushed, albeit gently, but pushed none the less.

The interesting thing is that the favourite to succeed him, Douglas Ross, is an ex-Government (UK) minister, who resigned in protest at the influence of Dominic Cumming, so the leadership contest will be an interesting demonstration of the Scottish Tories independence! It will be the first time anyone in the party has stood up to him.

In any,event, all bets on next May's elections are off! Please disregard any previous remarks I may have made. Scottish Tories, and remember I am one, are totally demoralised and will leave the party in droves.

Those waverers who see the SNP as the lesser of two evils have already gone, which leaves the Lib Dems as the only Unionist choice left and I think they will benefit greatly?

The Tories have no chance of establishing a stable foundation in nine months and I fear an overall SNP majority is now definitely on the cards.

If only we could persuade Ruth Davidson back.

  Al94 20:00 30 Jul 2020

Never heard of him.

  morddwyd 20:27 30 Jul 2020

Only just announced

click here

  Quickbeam 20:39 30 Jul 2020

I wonder if DC will have to drive up there to instruct them how to select?

  Dunk 21:10 30 Jul 2020

"If only we could persuade Ruth Davidson back."

I'm not altogether sure if having someone from the House of Lards leading a party in Holyrood would benefit the Tories - Scots are even more opposed to the undemocratic and unelected 'upper chamber' than we are. It would secure independence for them!!

  john bunyan 22:19 30 Jul 2020

Whether one agrees with Sturgeon or not, she is a far better presenter than bumbling Johnson. He may or may not be clever but he comes over as a typical Hooray Henry from Eton. Linked with the odious Cummings and appointing people like Botham to the ridiculous House of Lords, I think that Indy may well be inevitable.

I am sorry for the Scots as I think that Indy will be an economic disaster and will be bad for England as the Tories will have less opposition

Sturgeon rated 5th in world leaders

  wee eddie 23:10 30 Jul 2020

Dunk: Are you saying that Ruth Davidson has accepted a Peerage?

  Dunk 07:28 31 Jul 2020

wee eddie

Only what I've read, but seems very likely! She is hardly a good constituency MSP, never had 'surgeries' for her constituents, has only a small majority, so I think a nice cosy £300 a day plus expenses and no need to ever again worry about voters would be an ideal sinecure for her. God bless our ridiculous legislatures.

  Quickbeam 07:31 31 Jul 2020


But she’d have to live in London and didn’t she cite that as a reason to not be interested in the national leadership?

  Dunk 07:50 31 Jul 2020


I think there are peers who don't live in London, and I don't think it's the PMs job we are talking about here, just the Party Leader in Scotland?

  Dunk 07:54 31 Jul 2020

john bunyan

Agree with your first paragraph, completely.

But not the rest! There may be an economic cost for Scots ( but many economists argue the opposite, of course), but what price do they put on their 'freedom' (from English control)?

Brexit happened because England wanted 'freedom' from the EU (Scotland clearly didn't), yet we don't seem able to understand the growing Scots desire for the same freedom from Westminster. How would we feel if the EU said we couldn't leave them? Why is Boris refusing even to let Scots vote, democratically, any different to that?

The price of everything and the value of nothing springs to mind!

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