Scottish and Southern Energy to raise gas bills by

  wids001 17:52 29 Oct 2010

The government should step in and block this.

  wids001 17:52 29 Oct 2010

Going up by 9%

  peter99co 18:00 29 Oct 2010
  peter99co 18:03 29 Oct 2010

The watchdog has argued that companies should have reduced prices when wholesale costs were lower.

It claimed that SSE's gas prices had fallen by 2% since wholesale costs peaked in 2008, while the wholesale gas price had declined by more than 40%.

  Monoux 19:02 29 Oct 2010

Gas prices up again - winter must be just around the corner

  karmgord 19:03 29 Oct 2010

What happened to the excuse used NOT to reduce Gas prices when the spot price collapsed,
You know the one about we bought months of gas in advance,did n't they buy & store or negiciate Gas at the cheap price?

Still I suppose this price increase this will have
nothing to do with the year on year increase in record profits declared.

I suppose we can all switch supplier in this competitive market because the other companies won't follow suit and put their prices up will they.

  sunnystaines 19:14 29 Oct 2010

time to add chilli sauce to the meals and put on extra clothes.

  spuds 23:15 29 Oct 2010

Perhaps when you next check your bill, you ask you supplier if they have price protected package deals, and perhaps sign-up for one of them.

  ronalddonald 23:19 29 Oct 2010

Forum member if your asthmatic and diabetic you need to keep warm and have decent heating adding extra jumpers doesn't help.

  morddwyd 08:52 30 Oct 2010

"The government should step in and block this."


You can block it yourself.

Simply change suppliers.

It's called competition.

  spuds 14:54 30 Oct 2010

"It's called competition"

Not if the 'competition' companies follow each others move, with the end results that we all pay the same increased prices as we have before. Hence my suggestion of perhaps obtaining 'capped' or price protected deals. At least then, you may have a 2 year breathing space before the next increase.

What is really needed is a strong watchdog with teeth, who as the publics interest at heart.

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