Scottish referendum vote margin decision?

  Blackhat 11:17 13 Sep 2014

I have tried and failed to find out what the margin of vote would decide the result. Ie if 50.01% either way would suffice. If so would the 49.99% have any way of contesting?

  wee eddie 11:26 13 Sep 2014


  Simsy 14:02 13 Sep 2014

I remember the general election of 1997... There was a very close call in one of the constituencies... (I'm thinking Winchester?? Certainly somewhere in the south west).

if I remember correctly the lib dems won by just a handful of votes, just 2 or 3. The loosing conservative candidate kicked up a bit of a fuss, and eventually succeeded in getting a bye-election held...

Which the Lib Dems went on to win by a margin of about 15,000 votes.




  bumpkin 15:38 13 Sep 2014

Simsy, sounds like those that could not be bothered suddenly got off their backsides when it was so close instead of leaving it to others.

  BT 17:26 13 Sep 2014

I'm wondering what the turnout will be. Even with say an 80% turnout if the vote is just over 50% either way this will mean that only 40% of the people will have made the decision. For something this important I feel that only a turnout above say 80% should have any standing and an overall majority rather than a simple majority should be required. I know this flies in the face of accepted convention in elections but this isn't an election as such and different rules could apply.

  Aitchbee 17:45 13 Sep 2014

BT. According to the bookies' predictions, a turnout of more than 80% of voters is slightly more likely than a turnout of 80% or under ... 8/11 versus evens.

  wee eddie 20:36 13 Sep 2014

Spider9: What will you do if the "No" Brigade win?

  morddwyd 07:28 14 Sep 2014

It's a simple majority vote.

One vote could decide it.

I don'y think there would have tried anything else up here.

Remember the first devolution vote?

There was a clear majority in favour, but Westminster decided it wasn't big enough and refused to go ahead.

The Scots have long political memories!

  Quickbeam 08:08 14 Sep 2014

Realistically, if it was down to only a few votes, the count of which would vary on every recount, could a call for a change have a look in if the answer kept varying between yes/no by 3 or 4 votes? Would the status quo have to prevail in that scenario?

  Quickbeam 09:25 14 Sep 2014

Andrew Marr is discussing this right now with Alex Salmond.

  Quickbeam 10:47 14 Sep 2014

Interpretation is in the ear of the listener...

I thought that they were equally good/bad (delete as bias dictates).

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