Scottish Heritage

  laurie53 16:59 26 Jan 2008

A local restaurant was advertising haggis, tatties and neeps today, so I thought that would make a nice morning snack, given the date.

The tatties turned out to be a jacket potato done in the microwave.

I'm looking for volunteers to form a raiding party to go and burn the place down for sacrilege!

(Stand by for all the silly comments about haggis from those who've never tasted it!)

  Forum Editor 17:21 26 Jan 2008

and was totally underwhelmed. It's a dish that was invented because the Scots could come up with nothing tasty, and why they make such a maudlin fuss about it is beyond me - give me Lancashire hotpot, shepherd's pie, or a nice tasty dish of Bara Lawr with toast and lemon wedges any day.

  Stuartli 17:25 26 Jan 2008

You've clearly not had the real McCoy...:-)

  Clapton is God 17:34 26 Jan 2008

I'm English and surprise, surprise enjoy haggis.

But, forgive me, how should the tatties have been done?

  sunny staines 18:02 26 Jan 2008

i always enjoyed some of the scots foods like haggis, potatoe scones,and oat made black pudding.

also scots mutton mince pies.

  Legolas 18:07 26 Jan 2008

Whereabouts did this abomination take place?

Haggis with a baked potato I am shuddering at the thought. I had haggis tatties and neeps last night and very tasty it was too. What rattled my cage was the fact that STV 'SCOTTISH' television seen fit to totally ignore Burns night and had not one programme celebrating the Bard, shameful.

  wee eddie 18:13 26 Jan 2008

All this bru-ha-ha about Haggis ~ it's just another variety of sausage and made of the best, most nutritious parts, of the beast and oatmeal.

Considering what Walls, Richmond "et alia" put in their sausages (admittedly mostly rusk which is frequently soya bread) but the rest is MRM and ground lights, your finicky response is amazing.

  S5W 19:02 26 Jan 2008

Good haggis,properly cooked is delicious and nutritious. That a supposedly intelligent Briton can make a statement that the Scots could not come up with anything tasty boggles my mind. From Arbroath smokies to malt whisky; most Scottish food is good( a great deal better than that travesty of food 'lava bread' dredged out of the Welsh mud.

  Forum Editor 19:06 26 Jan 2008

Maybe, I wouldn't know. It was piped in at a Burns night I was talked into attending, and then someone started spouting poetry at it.

I found it all terminally boring, and redolent of a people trying to hang on to a vestige of national identity via a pound of mince in a sheep's stomach.

  Forum Editor 19:10 26 Jan 2008

Let's meet in the glen at dawn, and settle this the old way. I'll come armed to the teeth with leeks and lava bread, and you can bring thistles and haggis. We'll give each other a damned good thrashing (as John Cleese would say), and afterwards we'll retire to the pub for a breakfast of smokies and griddle scones, all washed down with a nice cup of Alta Rica.

  Forum Editor 19:12 26 Jan 2008

I favour Porkinsons bangers with my toast and marmalade. Now there's a sausage of which to write poetry.

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