Scots Independence Increases Risk of Child Abduction.

  morddwyd 08:29 18 Oct 2012

According to the Foreign Office Scottish independence will increase the threat to national security and increase the risk of Scots child abduction!

(Not only the Express, just an example)

I know we can expect the unionist parties to deploy all forces, but come on! This from a government that recently withdrawn all Border Agency officers from a port that handles two million people a year.

I haven't seen any news stories about the massive threat to the UK from the fairly open Irish border, or comments about the vast number of Irish children being abducted each year!

If this is the sort of scaremongering HMG are going to indulge in over the next two years the whole debate will be reduced to a farce.

  Forum Editor 09:56 18 Oct 2012

"If this is the sort of scaremongering HMG are going to indulge in over the next two years the whole debate will be reduced to a farce."

That will happen anyway. It's the nature of these things, and it's inescapable.

I would venture a guess that most Scots have already decided how they'll vote, come referendum time. There will be a few wobbles along the way, but all the propaganda and TV debating is unlikely to make much of a difference to the result. It will probably narrow the gap, but that's all.

  Condom 13:21 18 Oct 2012

What a load of twaddle. It really must be the silly season if the papers are printing this sort of stuff. Where do they think Scotland is going to go if it decides on independence, the dark side of the moon?

Scotland has always been a law abiding country and despite having completely different legal systems to England the two systems have proved compatible over the past few centuries and I foresee no problems with our systems linking in to other Nation's systems either.

As a legal Nation State, Scotland would almost certainly be recognised by the UN and every other world organisation and it will decide which ones it wishes to join. It will almost certainly recognise UN conventions. A well established land border already exists and I would venture that the type of border will depend more on what the English wish than the Scots and may depend on what EU treaties the Scots sign up to. For one I do not see any huge increase in flights to Scotland for marriage purposes as most other nations have now adopted either the Scottish 16 or more common 18 rather than the old 21 mark. Certainly there will be changes, indeed many changes, but other countries have been through this process in recent years and it is doable.

  morddwyd 16:04 18 Oct 2012

"Take a look back at recent history to see some of the problems caused by the difficulty of maintaining a land border in the face of concerted terrorists smuggling explosives."

I'm well aware of that known security problem.

I simply don't agree that a similar border in Scotland will make things worse.

  Forum Editor 17:09 18 Oct 2012

There will be all kinds of stories about the pros and cons of Scottish independence over the next year or so. Some of them will be based on fact, and some on very little.

No doubt we'll discuss the subject several (or many) times.

  morddwyd 20:01 18 Oct 2012

I suspect the latter!

  Aitchbee 20:28 18 Oct 2012

Some of the leading players will be discussing Scottish matters tonight on BBC TV's Question Time...

... it's from Glasgow.

  Condom 07:03 19 Oct 2012

Forum Member

As I said earlier I think the state of the land border will be down to the English rather than the Scots. Schengen, was indeed one of my reasons for saying this as I would suspect that Scotland would sign up for it. Whether that should be a bigger worry to the English than all the unmanned ports around the coast where Border Agency staff have been removed is anyone's guess.

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