Scotland's Vote Independence or Union?

  Bing.alau 18:23 15 Oct 2012

We have plenty of Scots who take part in this forum. I wonder how they intend to vote.

Will Scottish people in England, Northern Ireland or Wales etc., have a vote and if so how do you intend to vote? Will it depend on the address at the time of voting? As I have said before I have lots of Scottish friends but they all live on the south coast of England. (They show a tendency to get away from Scotland as far as possible).

Macscouse had better keep out of this or the LHO will hit him below the sporran.

Seriously though. Will English people living in Scotland on a permanent basis be entitled to vote?

What about all the Scottish people living abroad in such diverse places as Canada and South Africa?

  N47. 20:07 15 Oct 2012

On a bit of a tangent. There was an interesting comment in today's i newspaper by Oliver Wright.

Under plans for a new post-independence Scottish public service broadcaster. Scotland could hive off the £325M BBC licence fee but the BBC would then have no choice but to turn off the signal for Scotland. It would probably then be on a pay per view basis. TV catchup and iplayer would not work as Scotland would be outside of the UK.

  Bing.alau 20:11 15 Oct 2012

I'm sure that neither the Scots nor the BBC would behave like that.

  john bunyan 20:23 15 Oct 2012

Quite apart from the economic issues, the military ones are interesting. Will Faslane/ Coulport be available, or will they become "Sovereign bases" as did Akrotiri and Dekelia in Cyprus? Will Scotland have its own Army, Navy and Air Force? The questions on the military issues alone seem endless..Presumably if they vote "Yes" they would be for a while, outside the EU, and the tariff barrier issue arises.

  WhiteTruckMan 20:29 15 Oct 2012

Turkeys voting for christmas. Salmond et al dont seem to be capable of realistically looking at the long term implications of independance. However, should it go their way (as it probably will do, given the amount of time and effort they are putting into rigging it their way) then the first few weeks/months after independance will be a grand and glorious time indeed.

The scottish nationalists are chasing independance like a dog chases passing cars; neither have any idea what they would do were they to achieve their hearts desire.

On another note, Ed Milliblands recent 'one nation' conference speech is becoming a lot clearer. He cannot realistically do more than pay lip service to this idea else it would mean the loss of a significant number of westminster labour MP's at a stroke.


  Quiller. 20:39 15 Oct 2012

If Scotland did have full Independence would the English exchequer stop payments to ex-pats ( English, Welsh and Northern Irish ) in terms of Old age pension, DLA, heating allowance. As they will be Scottish citizens, will the Scottish taxpayer fund these as it might be, Scotland may not be able to meet the criteria of joining the EU and not compliant with those laws.

  Condom 20:48 15 Oct 2012

As a Scot living in many countries including England I am afraid that I will not be allowed to vote under the current proposals. Personally I think that the powers that be might have made a bad mistake with that arrangement as most of the ex patriot crowd I frequent and know would gladly vote for a separate nation.

Some things are serious and some are actually quite alarming like the Navy Head who has been quoted as saying that it doesn't matter what the Scots say, Faslane will remain an English Nuclear Base. With ideas like that then we are indeed heading for potential trouble.

Again a personal view but I don't think that the Scots will win the vote at the end of the day at least this time around as I don't think the question will ever go away.

  morddwyd 21:22 15 Oct 2012

" I don't really understand how they will be better off. "

And that is what most people just don't understand.

It is not just about being better off, but better.

Most of the countries which have won independence from the UK would hardly be regarded as better off, but I'll wager that most of their inhabitants would say it is better.

No-one is suggesting it would be easy, but, as I have said before, there are those who think that it is better to stand on your feet with an aching back and calloused hands, than to sit at another's table in relative comfort eating whatever you are given.

  Woolwell 22:14 15 Oct 2012


Perhaps that should be phrased as sitting at the table eating more than they contribute and better off than those who provided the table.

I think that if Scotland does gain independence then they may well be in the same situation as Ireland.

Jock1e - the defence situation has changed. I doubt that the Americans would want the bases.

  Kevscar1 03:17 16 Oct 2012

The real question is if they go indpemdant can we deport all of them south of the border and rebuild Hadrians Wall.

  morddwyd 06:09 16 Oct 2012

"I think that if Scotland does gain independence then they may well be in the same situation as Ireland."

I think many people would be happy with that (note to fm - I didn't say all, or even most!).

"Personally I think that the powers that be might have made a bad mistake with that arrangement"

I left my native Wales in 1953, and paid my last visit in the 70s. I first came to Scotland in 1957.

Are you seriously suggesting that I should have a vote in any independence referendum in a country I haven't seen in 40 years, but not in a country where I have lived and worked for 60?

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