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Scotland's Education System seems to be failing

  wee eddie 13:15 23 Apr 2020

I have just come back from my daily walk.

Along the way I met a curling friend and she drew my attention to one of the Rainbows in a window. Many windows and driveways have them.

The colours were in the wrong order.

Either the Author was very unobservant or had not been taught at school

  Forum Editor 13:58 23 Apr 2020

It seems to be in line with the education system's attitude towards writing - never mind the spelling and the grammatical errors - let's not do anything that might give a child the slightest hint that he/she has failed at anything.

I have to leave it at that, in case I have to give myself a final warning for ranting.

  Aitchbee 14:06 23 Apr 2020

The diffraction of white light through a prism is a topic only discussed at secondary level and then only in more detail, if and only if a pupil, goes on to study Physics [Optics] at university.

ROYGBIV I seem to remember ;o]

  bremner 16:10 23 Apr 2020

Richard of York gave battle in vain

  Condom 20:53 23 Apr 2020

I don't think you can say Scotland's Education system is failing just because someone doesn't know the colours of the rainbow. Kids today don't appear to be as fascinated with rainbows as we were years ago. I sincerely doubt that many kids today could give the correct order or indeed name the colours.

  wee eddie 21:14 23 Apr 2020

Condom: That pert of it was speculative, although Scotland's Schooling system is failing it's clients at the moment

  dagbladet 16:17 24 Apr 2020

Is this thread a parody?

  Aitchbee 17:24 24 Apr 2020

Not sure, but I had to look up what a parody is.

  Brumas 17:28 24 Apr 2020

bremner Run Off You Girls Boys In View ;o}

  wee eddie 18:25 24 Apr 2020

I have just returned from my afternoon walk, the main debate was "Will it be a cup of tea or a G&T?" the tea won.

However this walk took me through the a more prosperous part of Ayr and I noticed that most of the rainbows were coloured in the correct fashion.

It would be rash to offer a Social Comment on this as, to be honest, I have no idea why.

  john bunyan 18:46 24 Apr 2020

*wee eddie *

I suspect that a similar pattern will emerge with home schooling. Houses with no books and an addiction to TV are likely to be less diligent with home schooling , a great pity.

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