Scotland news- More pensioners get free heating

  peter99co 11:42 18 Oct 2008

A move in the right direction?

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To be extended to some families on benefits?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:45 18 Oct 2008

Good idea and hopefully Scotland will cough up some loot to 'rescue' the RBS.....


  DieSse 12:14 18 Oct 2008

No - absolutely not.

Everyone should pay the economic price.

Subsidies should be paid through welfare systems.

Then people could choose what they spend their income on - not be effectively told what they must get via government.

  birdface 12:16 18 Oct 2008

I can't see anything new in the free heating systems it has always been available in the UK for about the last 20 years or so but it was all done through your local council.So why are they calling it new.Is it supposed to be a vote catcher or what.Now if they also paid the heating bills that would be something new and I believe this has been done in Ireland for many years or so I have been told.

  Legolas 12:57 18 Oct 2008

Scotland ha been "coughing up loot" for centuries. First it was through the sheep and deer which crofters were cleared of the land to support and precious little of the profits made saw its way into the pockets of ordinary Scots, latterly it is through oil and ditto the above.

  laurie53 20:00 18 Oct 2008

Better news is that as present contracts run out NHS cleaning and catering will return "in house" and will be under clinical control.

Might not cure anything, but I'll bet it's immensely popular!

  Ranger 21:09 18 Oct 2008

I haven't really been following the news but I thought the Govt was bailing out the RBS which is effectively every taxpayer in the UK or is Gandalf bailing them out himself :¬)

  bluto1 22:20 18 Oct 2008

I hope somebody does something quickly. I'm paying £1200.00 a year for oil fired central heating and find I've got to cut down the time the boiler is on to come close to affording it.
I cannot afford to change the system.

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