Scotland indepence

  Terry Brown 11:20 23 Oct 2011

Now that Scotland seems to have made up it's mind to go independent of the rest of the British Isles, does that mean we can stop throwing our money at them, and we can get rid of all the scotish MP's in parliment?

Can you explain to me we are second class europeans in scotland ?

Scotland has FREE university places for anyone in Europe EXCEPT if you are English, but they don't object to us paying for them.

Or is is all take and no give?


  birdface 11:43 23 Oct 2011

I think what it is is that the English have no fight in them they take everything thrown at them and will not fight for what the rest of the Country get.

Maybe it is time they got up off their knees and started to fight for equality throughout the nation and not just for the few.

One for all and all for One sounds good to me.

Maybe Scotland look after the money they get and spend it wisely but if one part of the country can get all of those benefits all parts of the country should get them also.

Maybe it is just bad Government south of the border and to much gets spent on the capital London and not enough getting shared elsewhere.

  Pine Man 11:45 23 Oct 2011

'Or is is all take and no give?'

Of course it is. They will never have true independence just some 'cherry picking'.

  Proclaimer 12:18 23 Oct 2011

I don't know the 'financials' but I do know that all my life I have wanted an Independent Scotland.

  Snec 12:19 23 Oct 2011

It is all just nonsense, this independence thing.

Scotland, Wales, North Yorkshire. Gedney Drove End. They can't be independent and in the EU.

What is their true objective? You'll probably never find out - they are, like all MPs, working to their own private agenda..

  Forum Editor 12:48 23 Oct 2011

"all my life I have wanted an Independent Scotland."

So have many Scots, but the fact is, Scotland is inextricably linked to the rest of the UK. There may be a degree of political independence, but the Westminster parliament will retain the final say over foreign policy, and Scotland can never be completely economically independent.

This independence thing isn't going to go away, and if the Scottish people vote for it, than I say let them have it. They'll soon realise that there's no pot of gold at the end of that particular rainbow.

  badgery 12:57 23 Oct 2011

There is still plenty of time for discussions about independence before any referendum is held, and a good deal of influence will be gathered by how the current SNP government manages matters.

So far they don't seem to be doing too badly, so I don't think "It is all just nonsense.." is especially a cogent argument.

  robgf 13:00 23 Oct 2011

Will they be rebuilding Hadrian's wall, to keep us pesky English out. :)

  badgery 13:03 23 Oct 2011

FE "Scotland can never be completely economically independent"

Presumably, there must be many who would disagree with you on that statement. Why can other nations of similar size manage perfectly well, but the Scots are derided for wanting it, and told THEY could never manage?

If anything would make Scots vote for independence, it would be views like that being thrown at them.

  badgery 14:35 23 Oct 2011

"The whole reason the SNP hasn't pressed ahead with a referendum is that it knows there is not a majority in favour of independence."

It was always in the manifesto that any vote would be in the second half of the term - so isn't Salmond simply keeping his word? (One might say, unlike other party leaders and promises!).

This seemed to me to be totally honest in that it gave Scots further time, with a new SNP government, to see how they were doing in power. If he had called an immediate vote the accusation would have been "He's trying to rush it, on the tail of the Scottish election".

I'm sure the Scots are able to make up their own minds without help from the English - good luck to them.

  Forum Editor 16:13 23 Oct 2011


"Presumably, there must be many who would disagree with you on that statement".

I'm sure there would, but Professor John Kay, of Alex Salmond's Council of Economic Advisers isn't one of them. He says that Salmond has “virtually no chance” of winning the independence referendum, and that even if he does there would not be full economic independence, as Scotland would continue to have its monetary policy dictated by Westminster and the EU.

Remember when Salmond used to say that an economically independent Scotland would be like Ireland or Iceland? You'll not hear him making that mistake now.

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