Scotland ends cheap booze as minimum price starts

  Cymro. 11:00 01 May 2018

BBC link

I dare say that eventually this will come to the whole of the UK. The amount I drink these days it doesn't bother me anyway. I do wonder if it will make all that much difference though. Those who are addicted will pay any price to get their daily tible.

  wee eddie 11:55 01 May 2018

No more litres of Vodka @ £10.00, or 6 Carlsberg Special for £5. Otherwise little change

  wee eddie 13:24 01 May 2018

It will, however, increase the cost of being an alcoholic.

It will also increase the cost of White Cider and its derivatives, which will hit our young peoples spending

  Pine Man 14:09 01 May 2018

All they have to do is take a quick trip over the border to the nearest English supermarket.

  Forum Editor 14:14 01 May 2018

The Scottish government claims minimum pricing will save 58 lives in its first year and reduce hospital admissions by 1,300.

That has to be a good thing, if it happens.

  BT 17:34 01 May 2018

I thought the person that they interviewed on BBC this morning didn't quite understand. She said the people that would be impacted most were the 'Poor' people and those on low incomes who just wanted a Friday/Saturday night bottle of cheap booze. Seems to me if you are 'Poor' or on a low income you shouldn't be buying booze rather than paying your bills and feeding your family.

  Brumas 17:52 01 May 2018

Rab C Nesbitt will be protesting outside the Scottish Parliament buildings when he finds out ;o}}

  bumpkin 18:04 01 May 2018

As someone who likes a drink, I have no objection to a minimum charge per unit even though it would cost me a bit more. I think that the whole idea is flawed however if the additional money goes to the retailer and not the NHS.

  Quickbeam 18:08 01 May 2018

The off licences of Berwick on Tweed are rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of Scottish booze busses heading south!

  Quickbeam 18:20 01 May 2018

A £2.50 bottle of liver pickle cider is going up to £7.50.

So who gets the extra £5... the revenue men, the makers, the wholesalers or the retailer?

  Forum Editor 18:21 01 May 2018


"I think that the whole idea is flawed however if the additional money goes to the retailer and not the NHS."

How could it be otherwise, administratively? The increase in price is not a tax, it's a way of implementing a deterrent, and if it works the additional revenue should result in decreased sales. Letting the retailers keep the price increase is a way of compensating them for what is a government action that may ultimately impact their turnover.

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