Scotland Bill

  morddwyd 21:04 21 Mar 2012

A bit overshadowed by the budget is the Scotland Bill.

Among many other things, Holyrood is to get power over drink driving and speed limits.

SNP have long wished to reduce the drink drive limit more in line with the rest of the EU.

Best get our extradition treaties drafted!

However, since the UK Supreme Court has the power to overturn Scottish convictions, some interesting times ahead.

(And please don't come over all serious and tell me the tax raising powers are far more important; I'm just having a bit of fun)

  Condom 23:23 21 Mar 2012

Perhaps you should have read just a little bit longer as I think there is also mention of a plan to prevent the UK Supreme Court overuling the Court of Session which makes sense as Scots have a completely different legal system to England.

  badgery 07:04 22 Mar 2012

Wee 'Eck must be laughing all the way to the Independence bank today, after that Budget. Scots don't need much reason solidify their inbuilt hatred of Tories(and add LibDems, now!) - but giving them this 'granny-tax' ammunition was manna from Gideon for the Yes campaign!!

  Toneman 10:25 22 Mar 2012

A quote from 1984? "As the BBC personal money pundit explained this morning people will not be any worse off they just won't be as much better off as they would have been without the change."

  badgery 10:39 22 Mar 2012

fourm member

" as infantile as.."

To compare me using a perfectly correct 'birth-name' with you actually distorting a former PM's name must be even more infantile than your pathetic accusation.

  badgery 10:44 22 Mar 2012

Toneman " ..people will not be any worse off they just won't be as much better off as they would have been without the change."

Yes, classic gobbledeygook from Tory Central Office, via fourm member, I reckon!

  anskyber 15:32 22 Mar 2012

I accept that the pensioners will benefit from the increase in personal allowances but then so will all workers who pay tax. So the difference is the age related allowance will not increase in line with inflation and therefore the true value of the allowance will reduce in line with inflation.

I rather see that as being worse off. There is further irony in that we are always asked to plan ahead with our finances, those coming up to 65 may have done just that only to see the allowance vapourised in front of them.

The heralded increase in the basic state pension is no gift to the ameliorate the reduction in the value of the age related allowance even though it is trumpeted as such. The increase would have happened any way under the triple lock policy previously announced. Given the inflation rate was high last September when the percentages for increase are set it the lock that the Chancellor found himself in has simply been spun to his advantage.

  badgery 16:10 22 Mar 2012

fourm member "That's why I included the point about Georgios Kyriacos..."

You are,it seems, suggesting that he has common ground with celebrities - and he did a name-change to aid his career, as many of them do? If so, I suggest delusions of grandeur.

He's hardly a Marion Morrison, is he? Or possibly you think he excels at fictional drama.

  badgery 18:14 22 Mar 2012

fourm member

It would appear that calling someone 'infantile' is your theme for today, so I will refrain from rising to your pathetic bait - or doubtless we will see your usual claim that someone is being rude to you, or some such nonsense!

I fail to see any reason for the fuss about me calling Mr Osbourne by a birthname - as a politician I'm sure HE must be used to worse - why, I wonder, is it mattering so much to YOU?

  morddwyd 20:03 22 Mar 2012

Would you two please knock it off?

I don't want yet another thread locked because of your infantile antics.

  morddwyd 20:04 22 Mar 2012

"Perhaps you should have read just a little bit longer"

I did.

It said the system would be reviewed.

That doesn't necessarily mean changed!

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